A video premiere on the Beat? Why not, when it’s as nerdy as musician Kyle Pfeiffer’s new Minecraft video for “I Try Today” – a full on fantasy epic of The Piglin people’s battle against the oppressive empire.

Pfeiffer, who performs as Blacklite District, is a big time nerd who bring his love for Pokemon cards, Minecraft, WWE and horror movies into his music. In 2018, his Minecraft video for “Cold As Ice” went viral and propelled him to fame.  The track amassed over 100 million streams and peaked at number 35 on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Chart.

The video for “I Try Today” is a collaboration with a YouTube-based animator, Rainimator, whose channel is an ongoing fantasy saga animated with Minecraft tech. In this one, the Nether Princess is ready to take arms against the Empire.  Throw in a song about giving it your all and you’ve got an anthem for the moment. 

Blacklite District will soon be going on the road with their Red Carpet Tour (kicking off May 2 in Madison, WI). The experience includes many features for Pfeiffer’s young fan base, who may know a thing or two about Minecraft. 

“Over the years, more and more kids started showing up to the shows, when we had an all-ages event,” he explains. “All ages events were not easy to find in this world.  Late show times were also a problem. So, we went back to the drawing board.”

Kyle and his team went old-school and started renting VFW and American Legion Halls, putting on their own events specifically targeted to kids, and the parents who brought them.

The upcoming tour will be a mini con in itself. The preshow starts at 6 pm, with fans entering the building on an actual red carpet (as if it’s a celebrity event), that lead to a couple of gaming stations set up in the audience area, including old school Sega and PlayStation games. Local hobby shops will also sell their wares at the pre-show.

After the concert, which starts at 7, Pfeiffer does a meet and greet with fans – everyone gets a photo and a hello. And then they are on the way home at 9 pM – doubtless to play more Minecraft. 

Blacklite District’s upcoming album is called YOU CAN DO BETTER and it drops on May 3, 2024.  The first two singles “Give Me Life” and “I Try Today” are already out