More DC apparel: Wonder Woman and Supergirl bikinis

Earlier today we spotlighted the new Wonder Woman Chuck Taylors. But with spring in the air, the ornamental crabapple blooming, and weather warming everywhere, maybe it is time to think of lounging by the pool. And if you favor a star-spangled posterior, Spencer Gifts has just the stuff for you: Wonder Woman and Supergirl bikinis.



BTW, is that Wonder Woman model wearing lipstick in the special “Spencer Gifts” shade of neon red?

For the younger (or less showy) set, there’s also a line of “cape tee”, including this Wonder Woman outfit:



There’s much more in the DC Comics section of Spencer, including slankets, socks, underwear, tumblers and something called a “fake taper”—illusory ear spikes.

Via Gregory Dickens.


  1. yes… thank you thank you thank you…

    I may have done some Google searches for items along these lines in the past.

  2. Scratchie says:

    I look forward to Superman and Batman speedos.

  3. Joseph says:

    I wholeheartedly approve of those bikinis. But where are the Superman speedos for men?

  4. Joseph says:

    Oops, didn’t see Scrathie’s comment. Great minds think alike.

  5. Is that… a T-shirt with an actual cape attached? That is the most awesomely awesome thing ever.

    I need one bad. Though preferably not one of a female superhero.

  6. @Niels – and – FAN BOY ALERT – Wonder Woman doesn’t wear a cape!

    Ah… whatevs. It is kinda cool tho. Kinda weird to see young girls walking around with drawn on boobs, tho. Why not just do the logo?

  7. “FAN BOY ALERT – Wonder Woman doesn’t wear a cape!”

    Her loss. Her loss.

  8. Scratchie says:

    @Brady, have you seen the boys’ shirts with drawn-on pecs? Same “idea” (for want of a better term), I guess.

    @Joseph; Yes, ours too! :=0

  9. Yeah, the wonder woman *cape* thing is odd, but I get that it sends the *superhero* message. Nonetheless, I’d rather see it on a Robin design.

    Nonetheless, kudos for marketing.

    So where’s the Wonder Woman movie to help sell all this merch? Hahah!

  10. Mikael says:

    Wonder Woman most certainly has worn capes in her time in the public eye. The old dolls, Linda Carter’s version, the Perez version. It’s not the standard – but it has been out there.

  11. Torsten Adair says:

    So Wonder Woman doesn’t wear a cape?

    And don’t tell that to my niece… she loves the Wonder Woman cape I bought for her a few years ago at Six Flags!

    And there is some awesome fanboy stuff on that Spencers site as well!

  12. Rob J. says:

    It’s too bad that they couldn’t use an implant-free model for the bikinis. Ugh.

  13. Joseph says:

    “Ugh” is the absolute last word that comes to mind

  14. My third thought was also the “Wonder Woman doesn’t have a cape!” thought. Of course, sometimes she did wear one for ceremonial events:

    My first two thoughts are not really suitable unless I run them through a filter. In which case, you can sum those thoughts up as “hubba hubba!”

  15. @Joseph Ha, ha… agrees.

    I hadn’t seen the drawn on pecs. Tho I guess I have seen the fake muscle super hero suits at Halloween. Those are weird. I think we have the nipple Batman movies to blame for those. Yech.

    And, it is true. Wonder Woman has been seen in a cape lots of times in ceremonial things. Like I said, “Whatevs.” It’s cool.

    I think maybe I have seen a Robin version of the caped t-shirt somewhere, in fact. Maybe. I could be making that up.

  16. I am disappointed that they probably don’t have that Wonder Woman bikini in my size. I can only “tuck” so much.

  17. El Guapo says:

    Just like comic book folk: there is a beautiful woman standing in front of you and all the attention is on her cape. :)

  18. Those Wonder Woman (and Robin and Supergirl!) girls t-shirts are Juniors sizes, which means teenagers, not little girls.

    That means:

    A: The girls wearing them will probably have “developed” already, and

    B: There’s still nothing for my now 8-year-old daughter.

  19. Why can’t these be the new 52 costumes?

  20. @Brian: I was able to get my 5 year old a WW T-shirt at They should have stuff for 8 year olds too.

    I am surprised they don’t have a WW one piece, since that is essentially what she wears.

  21. Why did the invert the colors on the “S” on the top?

  22. Mario Boon says:

    the photoshopped whites of her eyes are haunting me!!

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