Talk about a lousy break: The van containing all of Avatar’s merchandise from WonderCon that was going on to Emerald City Comicon was stolen from a comics shop parking lot:

In addition to convention display items like wire racks, large back-drop display and signage, loads of books are now gone.  Full cases of most of our most popular graphic novels like Neonomicon, Crossed, Freakangels, Night of the Living Dead, and Fevre Dream are gone.  Large quantities of World War Z, Zombie Survival Guide and books by author Max Brooks were in that trailer.  Some limited editions, created for the conventions, of Ferals #1, Crossed: Badlands #1 and Lady Death #14 and #15 are now much more limited as huge chunks of the entire production run are gone.

We are working with local law enforcement, but we could really use your eyes and ears on the ground.

Although they have more books at the warehouse, this would be a demoralizing blow for any company. If you have any more information, email Avatar at [email protected].


  1. I hope they find it. I can offer advice from when a shipment of my own books was stolen from my doorstep. Check used bookstores in the area. I recovered my entire shipment at a nearby used bookstore, where the thief tried unsuccessfully to unload them then just left them there. The clerk kindly gave them back to me without any hassle and told me this kind of thing happens pretty often.