Keith Knight writes:

Folks! If you haven’t heard, I’m trying to fund my my first graphic novel, I Was a Teenage Michael Jackson Impersonator!, through the art fundraising site You get 30 days to raise the funds, and if I come up short, I get nothing. I’VE GOT TWO WEEKS LEFT AND I’M ONLY AT 40%!! I’m in rough shape! But there’s still time to do this!! Which level will you be? Tito? Jermaine? Latoya? Jesse? KING OF POP? Take a look at all the cool stuff I’m giving away to backers and start donatin’!! And PLLEEEASE, TELL YER FRIENDS AND COLLEAGUES!!

The campaign has a few weeks to go, and Knight has posted some MJ cartoons in the updates, and also reports he has a ruptured Achilles tendon, which may hamper his moonwalking.

Check it out—there are some great rewards, including the King of Pop-level contribution, which will get you a command performance of Keith as MJ in your own living room.



  1. Not to troll…but the delivery date on this book is April 2014…I don’t want to be a jerk but this is the kind of kickstarter that fails…I am not paying for a graphic novel two years before I get it…that’s just silly.

  2. Heidi!

    My Kickstarter just finished today! Success!
    Thanks for the help hyping it! And thank you Alex and Jackie for additional motivation!