Tilting at Windmills #253: Was DC’s Rebirth a Commercial Hit… or Failure?


We’re still very much in the short-term phase as I write this as the fifth issues of the initial “Rebirth” series just come out, and we’re still at least a quarter, perhaps two, to see how the greater market ends up reacting over-all – but I can look at my own data and draw out a few initial suppositions.

Tilting at Windmills #252: Is Marvel Now what retailers need now?

Marvel Now Logo (needs to be trimmed)

By Brian Hibbs   Welcome to Tilting at Windmills #252. Some of you will be scratching your heads and saying “Wait, doesn’t this appear on Comic Book Resources?” Yeah, it did, but CBR got sold, and the new ownership decided that “columns” were not a thing that they wanted to do any longer – which, […]