Dallas Retailer Leads Way in Active Boycott of Orson Scott Card’s Superman Comic UPDATE – DC Release Statement

zeus comics

There’s been controvery over the past few days following DC’s decision to hire Orson Scott Card, a pioneer in contemporary homophobia, as one of the writers on a new digital-first Superman anthology series. And although the internet has been going back and forth on the subject for the past few days, the first active step […]

World War 3 Illustrated on Ed Koch


In the tradition of advocacy cartooning through the ages, the NY-based political comics anthology World War 3 reminds us that the late Ed Koch, former mayor of New York, wasn’t always a beloved avuncular figure. Contemporary cartoons from Eric Drooker, Steve Brodner and Tom Keough take on Kach’s handling of the homeless, affordable housing and police brutality.

John Stanley Alert: Election Day


From Little Lulu 39, 1950

Is World of Warcraft a Political Liability? Maine Republicans Think So.

Colleen's WoW character  (according to the attack site)

You might want to sit down for this one.  It seems that the Maine GOP is attacking a Democratic State Senate Candidate over her World of Warcraft character and playing habit.  Their tagline?  “Maine needs a State Senator that lives in the real world, not in Colleen’s fantasy world.” Oh, yes.  This is a wild […]

Tensions continue after Charlie Hebdo publishes satirical cartoons

France and its overseas postings remain on watch after the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo published cartoons about the prophet Mohammed yesterday. With the Islamic world already on edge over a mysterious US-made YouTube video, the cartoons were expected to perhaps ignite more violence:

Free Molly Crabapple

Yesterday’s first anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street Movement was marked with a protest and some arrests, just for old times sake. Among those arrested, cartoonist Molly Crabapple. The anxiety of her experience was somewhat dimmed by the modern phenomenon of being able to live-tweet your arrest and incarceration

V for Vendetta mask spotted at Egyptian embassy protests

As angered crowds attacked the US Embassy in Cairo, a familiar prop can be spotted on one of the attackers: a Guy Fawkes mask from V FOR VENDETTA. The mass-produced masks have been seen on protesters worldwide, from Occupy to Anonymous and now at this incident, proving this symbol for anarchy can have many uses.

Joe Sacco and Chris Hedges on Bill Moyers, live chat on Wednesday

Hedges and Joe Sacco appeared this weekend on the Bill Moyers show. The book features text by Hedges and comics by Sacco as the two explore some of the most drastically compromised places in the United States, including Pine Ridge, ND, Camden, NJ and Liberty Park during the Occupy Movement. The show can be watched online, or even in the link below and there’s a live chat this Wednesday, July 25, at 2 pm EDT.

Canadian Cartoonists Petition Canadian Government for Funding Equality

“Given the artistic quality of Canadian cartooning, it’s cultural importance, its centrality to an understanding of Canadian society and history, and its appeal to readers of all ages, a strong argument can and should be made that the Canada Council should support the work of Cartoonists and that of publishers interested in publishing their work. “

Webcomic AND future comic alert: Tibet's Sacrifice: Exiled Lives

A new comic up at Cartoon Movement by Dan Carino is a tragic look at self-immolation and the Tibetan situation.

Take back Nerd Prom!

Washington has stolen our buzzwords! And we won’t take it lying down!

Matt Wuerker wins Pulitzer Prize for cartooning; Bors and Ohman finalists

POLITICO’s Matt Wuerker has wonthis year’s Pulitzer Prize for cartooning, an award presented for “his consistently fresh, funny cartoons, especially memorable for lampooning the partisan conflict that engulfed Washington.”

Matt Bors wins 2012 Herblock Prize

Congats to Matt Bors on becoming the first alt-comix type to win the2012 HERBLOCK PRIZE, and its $15,000 cash award.

EXCLUSIVE: Archie's Occupy Riverdale cover by Gisele Lagace

Archie just can’t stay out of the news! While a million moms may be marching against Riverdale, they are staging their own Occupy movement. Whose side is Reggie Mantle on?

Archie Comics has provided us with the actual cover to ARCHIE #365, which comes out in July. Story by Alex Segura Jr. Art by Gisele Legace.

Warren Ellis and Sam Henderson on Monkeys or man on the moon

Recently, Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich declared his support for the idea of a moon colony. Even more recently, he was roundly mocked for this even thoughmanned space flight is one of the glories of American history. Wired asked space enthusiast Warren Elliswhat he thought of the plan:

Alan Moore walks around, sees protesters in V masks; finds them good

Channel 4 has managed a video of Alan Moore walking around town and chatting with some Occupy protesters in V for Vendetta masks, who tell him his work was an inspiration for their actions. And what does he think?