ReedPOP and CGC to team up at C2E2 and ECCC


Certified Guaranty Company (CGC)  will now be the official onsite comic grading service for the ReedPOP shows  Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2) and Emerald City Comicon (ECCC) through 2019. CGC is the company that popularizied “slabbing” the most valuable comics – encasing them in eternal crystaline plastic. They also meticulously grade individual comics up to the […]

INTERVIEW: Matt Kindt’s murder mystery magic in the ETHER


Matt Kindt (Mind MGMT, Dept H) could be comics biggest paradox. A man who in person has the grizzled beard of someone who would enjoy cutting down Redwoods for a living yet has the loveable demeanor of a panda bear. He’s easy going yet attacks story like a mathematician would complex calculus problems. That same approach […]

Fight! Jim Starlin vs his Sodastream soda maker


Exploding appliances are definitely having a moment, and on FB legendary creator Jim Starlin warned of a dangerous run in with his soda maker – complete with graphic photos. WARNING!!! My Sodastream soda maker blew up on me yesterday, sending me to the emergency room. The pressure release value obviously malfunctioned, an entire CO2 canister […]

Veteran’s Day Special: Vic the Vet, unseen for 50 years


Today is Veteran’s Day and About Comics publisher Nat Gertler wrote to let us know about a book he just put out that’s pretty appropriate to preview: Vic the Vet, a once popular strip about a homecoming WWII vet by an actual veteran. Be forewarned, some of the humor speaks to an earlier sensibility. I’ll let Nat […]

Unassuming Barber Shop: A Real Doctor Strange


Welcome back to Unassuming Barber Shop, a semi-regular column here at The Beat that examines–and sometimes flat-out speculates– on the possible historical origins of fictional comics characters. When Doctor Strange debuted in July 1963’s Strange Tales #110, readers met a superhero magician who wasn’t all that unfamiliar to them. Cast firmly in the mold of Mandrake, Chandu, and Dr. […]

INTERVIEW: Annie Goetzinger Reveals the Haunting Truths (and Fables) of Marie Antoinette

cover ort.indd

by Alex Dueben Annie Goetzinger has had a long successful career as a comics artist in France, but she was largely unknown in the United States until NBM published Girl in Dior last year, which was a success here just as it was in France. The publisher just released another book co-written and illustrated by […]

San Francisco’s Cartoon Art Museum finds a new home!


San Francisco’s Cartoon Art Museum has found a new home after closing down last September sue to rising rents in its SoMa home. The new location, 781 Beach Street is near such attractions as Aquatic Park, the Maritime Museum, Ghirardelli Square, and the Hyde Street cable car turnaround, and will open in early 2017. While the museum […]

INTERVIEW: “Hieronymous and Bosch” Cartoonist Paul Kirchner on leaving comics for advertising and coming home again

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by Alex Dueben Paul Kirchner has had a unique career in comics. He’s likely best known for two long running comics features. One, Dope Rider, is a surreal western that has long been a feature in High Times magazine. The other is The Bus, which was a half page strip in Heavy Metal Magazine for […]