SDCC ’19: The Beat’s gala 15th anniversary party in pictures

It was a night to remember!

Making Comics: How writers can foster stronger and healthier relationships with...

A guide of sorts, aided by input from 5 industry professionals, about what it means to "write for your artist" and how to a better collaborator.

Queerness in Comics: Mage and Demon Queen

When queer relationships are explicit, fanfic is just the icing on the cake

SDCC ’19: Sassy Smart Women of Pre-Superhero Comics

The panel explored the smart sassy women who appeared in comic pages before Wonder Woman

A Year of Free Comics: Alakotila’s FELL SWOOP is a sweet,...

The complete comic is available to read on Webtoon.

SDCC ’19: A History of Jack Kirby: Keeping the legacy of...

Mark Badger,Bruce Simon, and Steve Sherman recounted Kirby's history at the SDCC panel.

The DC booth had more shine, less heart than ever at...

DC booth at SDCC '19
This year, things were a bit different.

Stan Lee may be getting his own street in the Bronx

The legendary Stan Lee is on the list for an honorary street in the Bronx

A Year of Free Comics: Hockey and Queer Romance? Check, Please!

Comedy, romance, and baked goods enter the rink in Ngozi Ukazu's Check, Please!

Jillian Tamaki to offer mentorship for two cartoonists

Jillian Tamaki
The mentorship deadline is August 15th.

On Veronica Mars, “Strong Female Protagonists,” and why male showrunners are...

Buffy, Veronica, Sansa... why is this still a trend?

SDCC ’19: Creators wrestle with magic vs tech in one of...

Is there really a difference between sci-fi and fantasy?