Studio Coffee Run 6/8/12: Prometheus, Dredd, Arrow, etc.

A round up of the week’s news on Prometheus, The Dark Knight Rises, True Blood, Arrow and lots more…

To Do Tonight: Henry & Glenn Forever Release Party

Come out and party with the boys from Igloo Tornado tonight as they celebrate the release of a brand spankin’ new Henry & Glenn Forever mini from Microcosm Publishing at LA comics shop The Secret Headquarters.

Studio Coffee Run 5/25/12: Kickass 2 news, Mythomania Season 2 gets a Kickstarter, Game of Thrones, etc.

Some holiday weekend tidbits, including Game of Thrones, Derek Kirk Kim’s Mythomania looks to Kickstarter to fund it’s 2nd season, a first look at The Walking Dead’s Michonne, along with a whole lotta Kickass 2 news.

Meet the cartoonists behind Cartoon Network's hottest shows (Part Two)

There’s so many cartoonists working at Cartoon Network we couldn’t fit ’em all in one post! Here is Part Two featuring interviews with cartoonists/animators Calvin Wong, Rebecca Sugar, John Pham and many more.

Studio Coffee Run 5/18/12: Sin City 2, Man of Steel and Save the Date

Here is some news about the Jeffrey Brown co-written indie movie Save the Date, a new poster for Sin City 2, Man of Steel Rumors, Blade Runner Deuce developments and more.

Meet the cartoonists behind Cartoon Network's hottest shows (Part One)

There’s so many cartoonists working at Cartoon Network we couldn’t fit ’em all in one post! This first post features interviews with cartoonists/animators Martin Cendreda, Hellen Jo, Michael DeForge and many more.

Interview: Regular Show creator JG Quintel on indie comics and cartoons

A chat with JG Quintel, creator of Cartoon Network’s Regular Show about British TV sensibility, the Leprechaun Movies, and why good indie comics artists can also make for good animators. Featuring a special guest appearance by Regular Show storyboarder and cartoonist, Benton Connor.

Interview with Adventure Time's Pendleton Ward and friends

An interview with Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward about the post-apocalyptic movie genre, Dungeons and Dragons, the Adventure Time licensed comic, Bob’s Burgers and more. With special guest appearances by cartoonist/animators Jesse Moynihan, Levon Jihanian, and Andy Tauke!

Studio Coffee Run 5/11/12: Dredd, Kickass 2, and, yes, more Avengers

A round up of the latest comics and nerd related movie and television news featuring tidbits about Dredd, The Walking Dead, and a possible Antman teaser….

Studio Coffee Run 4/27/12: South Park takes on Game of Thrones, Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright's The World's End, and more!

A whole lotta Game of Thrones news, a hilarious Samuel L. Jackson press clip for The Avengers, a tidbit about the latest offering from Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright, etcetera…

Comics not Cancer: A personal plea for the Sparkplug Comic Books Indie Go Go Fundraiser

Some personal thoughts on why you should considering honoring Dylan Williams’ memory by pushing the Sparkplug Comic Books’ Indie Go Go Fundraiser OVER THE TOP

Studio Coffee Run 4/20/12: More Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, Prometheus, etc.

This week’s round up of comics and nerdy movie related stuff, including The Avengers, semi-obscure manga adaptations, Sin City, The Dark Knight and more!

Studio Coffee Run 4/12/12: The Avengers, Looper, Thief of Thieves, etc.

Robert Kirkman’s latest Image comics series, Thief of Thieves, is now in development with AMC TV with Kirkman writing and executive producing and Chic Eglee as the showrunner. For now, the comics book series, which Kirkman conceived while working in The Walking Dead’s writer’s room, is being written by Nick Spencer and drawn by Shawn […]

Studio Coffee Run 4/6/12: The Avengers is already selling out shows, Powers is re-shooting, a new Man of Steel logo is released, etc.

The Avengers is pulling an advance ticket sales sweep a la The Hunger Games. Deadline reports that AMC Theaters’ marathon showings of The Avengers along with showings of Iron Man, Iron Man 2, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, and Captain America: The First Avenger are selling out all over the place. There’s also a new trailer […]

Studio Coffee Run 3/30/12: The Avengers, Game of Thrones, Image Comics big screen development news, etc.

The final ramp up to The Avengers, Game of Thrones news and interviews to whet your appetite for the season two premiere this Sunday, some Dark Knight casting news, plus the latest big screen development news from Image Comics..

Studio Coffee Run 3/9/12: Oni and Archaia upcoming graphic novel adaptations, John Carter reviews, Walking Dead spoilers and more

Joss Whedon shares his feelings about Mark Ruffalo as The Hulk, news on upcoming graphic novel adaptations from Archaia and Oni, another round of spoilers from the final two episodes of The Walking Dead and more!