Come out and party with the boys from Igloo Tornado tonight as they celebrate the release of a brand spankin’ new Henry & Glenn Forever mini from Microcosm Publishing at LA comics shop The Secret Headquarters. Here’s the deets:

We’re Baaaaaaaack!

“You wanted the best, You got the best: Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever! This next song’s about lickin’!” – Paul Stanley

We’re having a release party for the ALL NEW comic book mini-series Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever! Continuing the exploits from the I…gloo Tornado’s infamous first book that paired Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig as “room mates” and Hall & Oates as your friendly neighborhood Satanists.

Come get the first issue signed by the artists and see the art show with new Henry & Glenn comics and art by Tom Neely, Ed Luce, Benjamin Marra, Scot Nobles, Eric Yahnker, Coop, and Keenan Marshal Keller.


  1. Somewhere out there Glenn Danzig’s head is exploding with rage. Somewhere else Henry Rollins is drinking coffee, not giving a shit.

  2. Already happened. There’s a strip online outlining Danzig’s opinion of the book, as asked by an interviewer sometime last year I think. Pretty sure Tom still sells prints of it as a poster.