Game of Thrones’ highly anticipated Battle of Blackwater episode is coming this weekend. So make sure you head to Westeros after that holiday weekend barbecue (via

As far as that other HBO series that now seems wanting for the rabid attention that’s  now being thrown Game of Thrones’ way; if True Blood is renewed for a 6th Season, Mark Hudis will be taking over for Alan Ball as showrunner. Hudis has been c0-executive producing since season four, which is, IMHO,  right around when things went off the hinges of comprehension on that show (via EW)

The Avengers is now the 4th largest grossing film of all time, running hot on the heels of Star Wars, The Dark Knight, Avatar and Titanic. In solo Avengers updates, Iron Man 3 just got a budget bump, while Chris Hemsworth lays out the Thor and Loki epic sibling rivalry that’ll be going down in Thor 2. (via Spinoff Online, /Film, and MTV Splashpage)

A Kickstarter campaign is underway to fund Eisner and Ignatz award winning wunder-cartoonist, Derek Kirk Kim’s second season of his understated, charming and funny web TV series, Mythomania (which is itself a spinoff of his long running web comic drawn by Les McClaine, Tune). Go fund quality internet TV, people! And watch the first season here. (via Kickstarter,, and YouTube)

EW talked to The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman this week. As I’m sure you already know, he also coughed up a pic of Michonne wielding her sword. I know you’ve seen it, but just for good measure, here ’tis again (via EW

The Daily Beast interviewed Ridley Scott about Prometheus,  Blade Runner 2 and how he loves him some good “kick ass women” protagonists

Over in the pre-pubescent kick ass women protag’s section, Kickass scribe Mark Millar reveals that the first 30 minutes of Kick Ass 2 will focus on Hit Girl, while the film’s director, Jeff Wadlow, discusses how the 2nd film will differ significantly from Millar’s storyline in the 2nd volume of the comics, particularly as far as little miss hit is concerned (via /Film)

Look! Here is a pic of Spiderman 2.o’s nemesis, The Lizard (image via

And to get you all pumped up for your 3 day weekend, here’s some linkage to the new Dark Knight Rises TV ads (via Deadline)

To the 6 people left in the office reading this, I am now outtie! Have a good one.


  1. @Steve Flack – your $ = your choice, but isn’t the point of crowdfunding less about the perks than it is about seeing the work of creators you dig realized? and in this case that work will be made available for FREE and accesible to anyone with an internet connection.

  2. Sorry, I see Kickstarter more as a place to preorder goods, otherwise, I’d want to see a return on my investment. This is pretty much flat out begging for money.

  3. In this instance, I see the return on investment as quality (AND AGAIN FREE) shows that I can watch from comp-u-TOR. But that’s what blog comments are for. Viva Agree to Disagree!

  4. Steve, I’m sorry to kill your interest. I understand you want something more physical for a smaller donation and I’m sorry I wasn’t able to accommodate that. I really wish I could, believe me.

    But just to clarify a few things for the rest of the readers here–

    I’m not selling DVDs. Just like your local NPR station isn’t selling tote bags for a $100. They’re not selling tote bags, they’re asking listeners to fund programming.

    Mythomania is an internet show. The “goods” here that people would be investing in is just that, an online show. The perks are just that, perks, not what the donation is really going toward. If I donate to NPR, I expect more on-air programming, not a CD with all that programming recorded on it. The totebag sure it a nice bonus on top of it though!

    But that’s just how see it. I know you see thing differently, Steve, and that’s totally cool. Not trying to start a fight. Just wanted to let people know where I’m coming from.

    Also, here’s something to keep in mind. The cost of producing and shipping the prizes comes out of the donations. Not much of the donated amount could go toward what the fund raising is actually for, making more episodes, if all of it was spent on the prizes. Believe me, I really wish I could give out awesome physical prizes at small donations, I’m so thankful and grateful for any few bucks someone might want to throw my way. I know what a tough economic time we’re in so I’m totally honored if anyone donates anything. It’s just not financially feasible, if more episodes are to be produced, which I like to think is what most donors really want out of this kickstarter.

    And lastly, just wanted to point out to everyone that a $100 donation has lots more prizes, not just a DVD– it also includes a poster, a postcard, a bonus video only available to donors, and a thank you in the credits. I know that may not seem like much, but it’s the best I can offer and still get enough out of the donation to put toward the next season.

    Again, Steve, I’m not trying to pick a fight. I understand your position, just wanted to explain for others that might be interested.

    Thank you.