Pendleton Ward signs Adventure Time #6 for the kiddies

If San Diego Comic Con gave out an award for media franchise with the most widely distributed fan schwag coupled with the highest number of cosplayers – this year’s honor would definitely go to Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time. Of course we knew going in that Finn, Jake and friends were going to have a huge presence at the show. There was, after all, an Adventure Time Theme Park located directly across from the convention center at the San Diego Children’s Museum, but to say that the con was literally crawling with little Finns and Jakes is an understatement.

Adventure Time fans also swarmed all of show creator Pendleton Ward’s appearances at the show – from Saturday morning’s standing room only Cartoon Network Adventure Time panel to a signing Ward did for the Adventure Time comic from Boom! Comics’ kid’s imprint, Kaboom.

Behold this sort of hard to hear video cuteness of Ward signing a limited edition variant cover for Adventure Time #6 (on sale at Comic Con only) for a couple of excited, adorable little cherub types…


  1. Adventure Time is an amazing original show that went begging for a network for years. Even the producer Fred Seibert didn’t believe in it and had to be constantly hounded by his staff to develop the show.

    It’s really amazing how people who run television wouldn’t know a good property if it bit them on the bottom while they were drinking out of their gold-plated cappuccino cups. Hooray for Adventure Time!!!