Here is the latest Amazing Spider-man movie poster which appears to be seeking to appeal to your romantical nature. And here is a veritable metric shit ton of new Amazing Spider-man clips from all over the interwebs to tease your interest in the upcoming mid Summer super flick: there’s this police chase one, then there’s this one of Spidey warning GF GS that the Lizard’s coming to git ‘er, and then there’s this one that’s just kind of heavy on tension set up and stuff between Peter Parker, Gwen Stacey and Dr. Connors (aka The Lizard). There’s also a slew of new TV spots for your viewing enjoyment and then there’s this one, which is my favorite of all the new clips. It’s Andrew, my new boyfriend, Garfield being all cute and horsing around with his new super powers in a perhaps not super responsible but definitely super powerful revenge of the nerds kind of way (via IGN,, and Spinoff Online)

TRUE BLOOD SPOILER ALERT FROM LAST SUNDAY’S SEASON FIVE PREMIERE EPISODE! Tara’s a vampire now and she talked to TVLine about it and, I’m sorry, but this former Trubie couldn’t care less. I don’t care how many Eric Northman butt shots there are up in this bitch of a season, the writing is like late stage Law and Order level laughable at this point. Argue or hug it out with me in the comments section if you like. (via TV Line)

In other vampire franchise news that I oddly care more about, EW has the first pictures of the Twighlight Twi-baby, Renesemee, if you would care to look upon her vampish cuteness (via EW)

Then there are things I care A LOT about, like the news that Attack the Block’s scribe, Joe Cornish, is now on board to write the fuck out of a live action adaptation of Neil Stephenson’s seminal cyberpunk novel, Snow Crash. Boo. YAH. (via Deadline)

Then there is the news that Hideo Nakata, who directed Ringu and The Ring Two, will be helming an adaptation of the IDW series, The Suicide Forest, a tale centered around the most preferred spot to commit suicide on Earth. Although I haven’t checked out the series yet, which is currently on Issue #4, I find this exciting and wish to subscribe to their newsletter. Or maybe I’ll just head to the comics shop and pick up Issue #1 this weekend. Anyways, color me informed and intrigued… (via Collider)

Now let’s get to The Walking Dead, y’all:

Merle's hook hands (Image via CBR)

Here’s the first pic of The Governor on set. Should you care to know more, AMCTV has a whole lot of behind the scenes bits and bits of scenes from The Walking Dead’s Season 3, which premieres in October of this year. While the addition of The Governor and Michonne are going to be undeniably cool, I might possibly be more psyched about the return of Merle Dixon AND HIS NEW HOOK ARM accessory. Check it. And watch out, TDOG. You’re going to have say something next season because my assumption is that he’s coming for you. Maybe Officer Grimes too, but most definitely you. One more thing about The Walking Dead before I delve into other pursuits like falling asleep while reading Saga, Merle is rumored to be rolling with The Governor’s crew next season, which makes some good ol’ cohesive narrative sense. (via AMCTV and

OK! BYE! Hope you have a nice early Summer weekend. Peace out.


  1. The Suicide Forest (by El Torres and Gabriel Hernandez) was a four-issue miniseries, and it ended in March 2011, later collected in a TPB. The author of the linked article seems to be confused about the difference between single issues and TPB’s.

    I also recommend the creators’ previous collaboration, The Veil.