The Trouble With Wonder Woman is Complete Pants

Wonder Smooch

When it comes to Wonder Woman, the headlines suggest that we only seem to care about three things: what she’s wearing, what her latest TV attempt is wearing, and who she is banging. Basically, it’s all about her pants.

ON THE SCENE: Boston Comic Con Regroups in Bellingham


by LTZ — There was some unpleasantness in Boston this week — you might have heard. Friday afternoon, mere hours before the FBI and police captured suspected Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the Hynes Convention Center sent word down: Boston Comic Con was off. It was an everyone-loses situation: the con organizers are almost certainly out a lot of money for nothing, the guests are out potential income (especially those who were taking a weekend off from steady gigs), the fans are out their con experience, the cosplayers are out their costume contest, and the retailers were out a big source of revenue. This was such an eleventh-hour move by the Hynes that the retailers had their merch packed up and ready to go, just waiting for the all-clear to start hauling it into the convention center.

Advance Review: Jupiter’s Legacy #1 – A Brave New World


An intriguing beginning, containing a single panel that is worth the cover price alone.

Cherry-picking the Eisner nominations: 5 comics you NEED


Okay, I put my hand up: I feel inordinately and stupidly pleased when comics I’ve loved and enjoyed are nominated for awards, particularly those that have been overlooked in coverage or recognition. Sometimes I even feel a little important; ‘Zainab, I tell myself, you are reading the RIGHT THINGS’ (I’ll take my validation wherever I […]

DC Comics Month-to-Month Sales: March 2013 — now with 10 year comparisons


Chickens came home to roost in March.

With no gimmick-bloated #1 issues, strong crossovers or annuals of high-performing titles driving sales of the company’s periodical line, with the Before Watchmen project fading out on a whimper, and despite a deluge of high-selling issues tying in with a recent character death, estimated sales of the average new DC Universe comic book fell to 31,000, the lowest level since the big “New 52″ relaunch of September 2011.

Pre-order Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong and win signed comics, art & more!


Publishers First Second currently have a fun and creative pre-order campaign for the print release of Faith Erin Hicks and Prudence Shen’s Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong. It’s a tiered reward incentive model, with prizes including  not only signed copies of the book itself, but a host of other great First titles, a personalised sketch by […]

Egyptian cartoonist Magdy El Shafee arrested, still held in jail


In a chilling reminder of the obstacles free speech still faces around the world, Egyptian political cartoonist Magdy El Shafee was arrested on Friday, and despite many reports that he was freed, the latest news is that he is still being held. El Shafee is a contributor to World War 3 Illustrated, and they reported on his arrest:

Disney rejects Tony Stark alcoholism storyline from Iron Man 3


It seems Disney has wimped out from using the famous “Demon in a Bottle” storyline in Iron Man 3. A few scenes in Iron Man 2 suggested that Tony Stark’s partying was a little out of control, but the hero can’t take a fall this time out.

Harkham’s Everything Together wins LA Times Book Prize


The winners of the 2013 LA Times Book Prizes have been announced and :
Sammy Harkham’s Everything Together: Collected Stories (PictureBox) won, beating out Alison Bechdel, Leela Corman Spaim Rodriguez and even Chris Ware.

Waid and Haspiel team on THE FOX for Archie


Mark Waid and Dean Haspiel are joining Archie’s Red Circle superhero line with THE FOX, a new series. Waid has been tearing things up of late with his Thrillbent comics and Daredevil for Marvel, while Haspiel has been spearheading his Trip City website and various projects, so this chould be right up both their alleys.

Willingham and Cho’s Kickstarter had to go back to the launching pad


Although Kickstarter becomes a bigger and bigger element in the comics publishing world, and 5 and 6-figure funding levels are common, that doesn’t mean everything is going to succeed. Even big names can still mess up. Take Bifrost an illustrated novel that will be written by Bill Willingham with many illustrations by Frank Cho. The […]

Dragon*Con Founder Ed Kramer files dozens of complaints from jail while looking extremely creepy


Warning: watching this video is likely to cause your blood pressure to rise.