Publishers First Second currently have a fun and creative pre-order campaign for the print release of Faith Erin Hicks and Prudence Shen’s Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong. It’s a tiered reward incentive model, with prizes including  not only signed copies of the book itself, but a host of other great First titles, a personalised sketch by Hicks, scripts, and my personal favourite: if you’re a teacher or librarian, you can win a Skype session with either Hicks or Shen. There’s lots more: you can see the full list here, with the possibility of an epilogue to the story being written if the highest tier is met.

One of the comics prize packs up for grabs

I really like the way First have set out this campaign, a Kickstarter-esqe model that offers buyers the opportunity to win goodies without the iffy bits. It’s sort of win-win situation- if you’re going to order the book anyway (and that includes pre-ordering through Amazon- they’re not pretentious about that kind of thing), you’d be lax not to enter your name into the draw, and if you were thinking about it, surely this will give you that push you needed. If nothing else, you still get a fantastic book out of the process!

Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong is due for release on the 6th of May, until then you can pre-order it here.