Mark Waid and Dean Haspiel are joining Archie’s Red Circle superhero line with THE FOX, a new series. Waid has been tearing things up of late with his Thrillbent comics and Daredevil for Marvel, while Haspiel has been spearheading his Trip City website and various projects, so this chould be right up both their alleys.

Like other Red Circle characters The Fox derives from various MLJ comics of the 40s (Archie Comics’ predecessor); the original, created by Joe Blair and Irwin Hasen, was a trained athlete without superpowers. Subsequent appearances in the 60s were drawn by Alex Toth.

In the 80s the Fox reappeared as a new character with martial arts skills in The Mighty Crusaders from Archie.

The Fox currently appears, as near as we can make out, in New Crusaders: Dark Tomorrow—a previously announced collection has been delayed until early 2014. However the first volume, New Crusaders: Rise of the Heroes, which reprints Toth’s Fox stories, and other MLJ material by Steve Ditko and Carmine Infantino, is in his month’s Previews.


  1. Sold with Haspiel.

    And I dimly recall reading somewhere that Jim Valentino’s Shadowhawk was initially a reworked pitch for the Fox. I mention this because I would reeeally love to see Jim on any of the Red Circle properties.

  2. I am on board with this. Waid has been on fire lately. And I cant see Archie trying to gouge us like Marvel, and now DC, are doing with their $4 and $5 32 pages comics.

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