Joe Caramagna and Scott Koblish Successfully Kickstart Wyatt Earp


There’s just over a day left to go, but Joe Caramagna and Scott Koblish can rest easy with some yams (or whatever it is you people do for Thankgiving) as their Kickstarter for ‘The Further Adventures of Wyatt Earp’ was successfully funded today. Mark Waid pushed them over the top, proving that – as in […]

Stan Lee’s Verticus IOS game is FREE today!


Has Stan Lee ever stopped pacting? The answer is no, and here is the fruit of one of his pacts, a game for iPhone and iPad called Verticus which is FREE today only, so you might as well give it a whirl. The game normally sells for $1.99. The game involves a mission to save […]

Elsewhere in the world: Song to the Siren


Cartoonist Asaf Hanuka on the recent bombing in Tel Aviv, where he lives.. 90 seconds is the time you have once the siren starts to find shelter from the missiles. in our case, it meant running down the stairs to the ground floor. then you hear an explosion, wait 10 minutes and go back to […]

Thanksgiving Parades of years past


In 1987 there was a Marvel Comics float in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. This was around the time right after Marvel was purchased by Ron Perelman and marketing events like this and Spider-Man’s wedding at Shea Stadium—were meant to give the company more visibility in order to get movies made. Set to the theme […]

Coming Attractions: Interlude


I’ll be posting a list of gift books in the next few days, so I’m doing some research over on, sorting graphic novels by price, highest to lowest. That’s when I discovered the following…