In 1987 there was a Marvel Comics float in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. This was around the time right after Marvel was purchased by Ron Perelman and marketing events like this and Spider-Man’s wedding at Shea Stadium—were meant to give the company more visibility in order to get movies made. Set to the theme from Back to the Future, it’s not clear how good a job this set piece did, but OMG Power Man! (Via Sean Howe)


In 1940 there was a Superman balloon. This is only four years after his debut, which should give you some idea of how quickly the character took off. (Via Steve Niles.)


  1. Perelman didnt buy Marvel until 1989. This float and the Spider-Man Shea Stadium wedding were either during the Cadenca or New World Entertainment years.

  2. Apparently, all the balloons use to really take off in the early days. Up until 1932, they use to release the balloons at the end of the parade and let them float up into the sky. Until a plane hit one.

    I think the first balloon was Krazy Kat??

  3. In the 1989 parade, the announcers refer to “metropolis” and “Wonder Woman”….egads! Somebody at NBC didn’t do their homework and merely thought all comic characters were published by the same company. BTW, I liked the Silver Surfer posing and swaying to Melba Moore’s singing. Hilarious! Today’s more sophisticated kids wouldn’t stand for the 1989 cheesiness.

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