Has Stan Lee ever stopped pacting? The answer is no, and here is the fruit of one of his pacts, a game for iPhone and iPad called Verticus which is FREE today only, so you might as well give it a whirl. The game normally sells for $1.99.

The game involves a mission to save the earth from the Obliterators. To do this you must manipulate Verticus in a free fall to catch power-ups, coins and tokens, while avoiding missiles and bombs. Eventually you get to the surface of the earth and have to plummet right to the earth’s core where you must…do something. We wouldn’t know because you haven’t made it…yet.

Your mission commander is none other than generalissimo Stan Lee, and yes, he reads out all the captions you see on the screen.
So this morning we heard a lot of “I don’t like quitters” and “you can do it!” from Stan. For those who need to hear Stan Lee enjoining you to press on daily, this game is for you.

The game mechanics are pretty hard to learn, at least for this fumblefingers; one thing we don’t like, you need to pay in-game coins to get more lives, and eventually you need to pay real world money for the same. That’s standard issue for apps, but it would be nice to continue the game without paying.

Also: get that armor right away or you will die all the time.

Although not credited, we’re told the artwork is by Matt Haley.


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