FOOCing around

Forget Kickstarter! Let’s talk OLD SCHOOL SUBSCRIPTIONS! Micropublisher Oily Comics has a DEAL for you. Center for Cartoon Studies alum, two-brick Ignatz winner and future Fantagraphics author, Charles Forsman is offering a subscription service for a few more hours! Days after subscribing I received a package full of comics. BAM!

Harbinger #3 Preview

I’ve been handed a preview for Harbinger #3 by Joshua Dysart, Khari Evans and Lewis LaRosa, due out on August 15th. In this chapter, our hero finally lands at the Harbinger Foundation. As I’ve said before, and probably will be saying for the foreseeable future, this is a comic that does not flinch at embracing the dark side of super powers. It looks like the slow build towards a particularly twisted conflict of moral agendas is picking up a little momentum.

Must Read: Women Write About Comics

As an addendum to the previous post, and for further reading, there’s currently a Women Write About Comics roundtable going on, with interviews with lots of smart people. The most recent is with Alexa Dickman of the Ladies Making Comics tumblr and her indispensable Women in Comics wiki which is doing an amazing job of bringing to light tons of forgotten women in the comics industry. Lots of smart talk, including this gem: