BY JEN VAUGHN – Forget Kickstarter! Let’s talk OLD SCHOOL SUBSCRIPTIONS! Micropublisher Oily Comics has a DEAL for you. Center for Cartoon Studies alum, two-brick Ignatz winner and future Fantagraphics author, Charles Forsman is offering a subscription service for a few more hours! Days after subscribing I received a package full of comics. BAM!

Being a Friends of Oily Comics means you get a monthly shipment of comics made each month featuring the works of D&Q’s former jane-of-all-trades Jessica Campbell, Andy Burkholder, Melissa Mendes, Belgian cartoonist Max de Radigués, Aaron Cockle, Dane Martin, and soon Joseph Lambert, Warren Craghead III, Marian Runk, Alex Kim, Dan Zettwoch, Sammy Harkham, Zach Worton, Michael DeForge, and more on the way. How can you say no to that? Preview page of Charles Forsman’s comic:

$30 gets you monthly shipments from July-September, $50 gets you monthly shipments from July-December and a suh-weet patch for that bag/jacket/hat. Oh and a Michael DeForge-designed card and original portrait. Check mine out! Read more here and Order now!


  1. This looks like a fantastic deal, but alas, it’s no longer for sale as far as I can tell. That link is dead and it’s not listed on their main BigCartel page.