By Steve Morris

Some of you are going to try and burst my bubble on this with some crazy nonsense babbletalk about how this is ‘clearly a Thor relaunch’ but DAMMIT, you’re not going to change my mind. The second Marvel teaser of the week reveals that Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic will ABSOLUTELY be the creative team for a new WARREN WORTHINGTON III solo series. I do not accept anybody who says this is a Thor title.

Sometimes the sinister mutant known as Archangel but more typically the golden boy of Charles Xavier’s army called Angel, Warren Worthington has really been through the wringer recently. First he gave in to the Archangel persona, then he had sex with Psylocke, and then he got murdered and a new soul grew inside his dead body. Ai ai ai.

No no, stop saying that Thor is considered to be one of the only people ‘worthy’ of wielding his hammer, Mjolnir and therefore this title refers to him. You’re really harshing my buzz. The rest of the World may have decided that Jason Aaron is going to write a new Thor series for Esad Ribic to draw, but I will never accept this as anything other than a new series for Angel. The X-Men franchise could always use another series!

If it is a Thor series, it would be interesting to see if it’s a solo title, or if a group of characters are being tied together into a new team. There are a number of characters tangentially connected to Thor, after all, and they’ve got fans too, don’t they? You could potentially fit in Valkrie, Sif (remember she’s prominent in the film), Beta Ray Bill and Dani Moonstar, among others.

Of course this is all irrelevant, because it’s a Warren Worthington book. DEFINITELY.


  1. Don’t be silly. You know very well that Marvel isn’t going to announce any X-books until they’re damn well done presenting their A-books. THEN we’ll find out about the Angel book when it appears unannounced in the back of the catalogue.