Weekend reading: SuperMutant Magic Academy

How on earth have we somehow never noticed Jillian Tamaki’s webcomic SuperMutant Magic Academy? It’s a bit of a dark look at the mutant/magic academy genre. You know, Ronald Searle for the Hunger Games generation.

She’s made a mini-comic with added strips, but it’s already sold out. She assures us more is coming. More had better be.

Episode 4: A Fans Hope (AKA The Comic-Con movie) featurette

Here’s a brief making-of featurette on Morgan Spurlock’s Comic-Con documentary, which opens in theaters and on VOD on April 6th.

Kickstarter Watch: Fund Keith Knight's first graphic novel

Today’s Kickstarter campaign spotlight falls on Keith Knight’s story of his life as a Michael Jackson impersonator.

More DC apparel: Wonder Woman and Supergirl bikinis

Earlier today, we spotlighted the new Wonder Woman Chuck Taylors. But with spring in the air, the ornamental crabapple blooming, and weather warming everywhere, maybe it is time to think of lounging by the pool. And if you favor a star-spangled posterior, Spencer Gifts has just the stuff for you: Wonder Woman and Supergirl bikinis.

Crime Watch: Trailer full of Avatar comics and convention merch stolen

Talk about a lousy break: The van containing all of Avatar’s merchandise from WonderCon that was going on to Emerald City Comicon was stolen from a comics shop parking lot:

RIP: Fran Matera

Long-time Steve Roper and Mike Nomad artist Fran Matera has passed away at age 88. An ex-Marine, Matera specialized in realistic adventure comics in a long career that also included a run on Kerry Drake.

First Look: Converse All-Star WONDER WOMAN and KILLER CROC Chuck Taylors

Looking for some stylish, superhero-themed footwear to announce your allegiance to Nerd World? Look no further than the new Converse Chuck Taylor All Star DC Comics Wonder Woman and Killer Croc shoes. They go on sale next month exclusively at Journeys—and as usual, they are limited editions, so don’t wait too long to decide which one to get.