Looking for some stylish, superhero-themed footwear to announce your allegiance to Nerd World? Look no further than the new Converse Chuck Taylor All Star DC Comics Wonder Woman and Killer Croc shoes. They go on sale next month exclusively at Journeys—and as usual, they are limited editions, so don’t wait too long to decide which one to get.

The Wonder Woman shoes, which are red, white, and blue with the classic WW logo on the tongue, go on sale April 2. The Killer Crocs, with a reptile theme, are available April 9.

Both retail for $59.99 and feature unisex styling. If you are not near a Journeys, you can also order them online.

These are the fifth and sixth line of DC/Converse shoes. Previous releases include Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, and The Flash.

Click for larger images:

S02265-CT001U-12S01_shot1 (2).jpg





S02721-CT002U-12S01_shot1 (2).jpg






  1. This is the only time you will see the words “All-Star” and “Wonder Woman” next to each other on a product for purchase.

  2. This year’s Wonder Woman are the best, I managed to get a pair finally today. They get better and better at making these, they have logo laces this year!

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