Nice art: Snag this exclusive THE MASSIVE print ONLY THIS WEEKEND

The CBLDF is offering this swell poster for THE MASSIVE by Brian Wood and Kristian Donaldson as member thank you. BUT ONLY THIS WEEKEND! So hurry if u want to get this charmingly model kit-evoking poster.


Watch: Training video to help you get that precious SD Comic-con badge

Our friends at Comic-Con International really are trying to get out as much information as possible for everyone trying to get a badge at tomorrow’s top secret convocation. To get yourself oriented, you may want to watch this training video.

Yep, a training video. Just pretend your’s Casper Van Dien and Denise Richards in STARSHIP TROOPERS.

And, just in case you didn’t know, it’s going to be a long grueling slog over the surface of Klendathu.


Revealed: The cover for the final Popeye volume

Fantagraphics has released the cover for Popeye Vol. 6, the final volume of their handsome reprint series of E.C. Segar’s immortal Thimble Theater strips. We’re eager to get this if only to finish selling out POPEYE on the back of the books. Great design, great strip—one of those “must haves” for every well-stocked comics library for sure.


Earth 2 Costume Week Continues AND a Priceless Quote About Superman Killing

Last time out, I was only half-right. We got the Superman redesign today (and another priceless editorial quote), but DC went back to Worlds’ Finest yesterday for the Supergirl/Power Girl redesign. Which is to say, we’ve yet to see an Official redesign sketch of anything that wasn’t already on a previously released cover.


Future Comics: That Twitter comic by the Eyeshield 21 guy everyone is talking about

Yusuke Murata is the manga-ka behind the very popular American football manga EYESHIELD 21. In between massive ongoing series—his next project is called onepunchman—Murata started posting a webcomic via Twitter, bsed on yet another series, Hetappi Manga Research Lab R. The story involves Murata being chased over a cliff by an editor and looming deadlines—no paranoia there!—and he uses unique folded paper and lighting effects to give the story more impact.


First Look: Daredevil #12 by Waid and Samnee

Mark Waid’s DAREDEVIL seems to be filling the “superhero comic for people who don’t like superheroes” slot with topnotch stories and art. Chris Samnee (THOR: THE MIGHTY AVENGER) is joining the book as a part-time artist in #12, in which busy Matt Murdock makes time for a lady pal, Kirsten McDuffie, who is actually hoping to make time to discover his secret identity.


Did Scott Lobdell know about Static joining the Teen Titans? Also: Objectifying Bunker

This interview with Scott Lobdell from ComicVine was sent to us with the idea that maybe he wasn’t up on the news that Static was joining the Teen Titans, which was announced at MegaCon:


Studio Coffee Run 3/2/12: John Carter, a major Walking Dead production leak, Game of Thrones promo ramp up, Arrow and more

The latest news on the plethora of all the mega nerd events at the movies and on TV this Spring and much more.


Future Comics: A Lebanese Webcomic with Democratic Storytelling

by Serhend Sirkecioglu

The Middle East is, except for The 99 (which I can’t read without cringing every other page) not to my knowledge a big scene when it comes to comics, but I recently stumbled upon something from Lebanon: a rather standard web comic with a very noteworthy twist. Sarab, The Interactive Web Comic is a story where the reader votes on what happens next.


Exclusive look at CLiNT Magazine's DEATH SENTENCE

Print isn’t dead, it’s just resting. As you may know CLiNT magazine is relaunching with a Volume 2.1 and a bunch of new strips, including the long-awaited “The Secret Service” by Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons.

A joint venture between media magnate Millar and Titan Books, CLiNT is based on the old-fashioned concept of a slick magazine that includes text AND comics. It’s sort of a brash mash-up of a lads mad and Judge Dredd, and it’s definitely had some ups and downs on English newsstands, but has found an audience in comics shops, both in the UK and the US.


Lego Tank Girl rides for the first time

Those “Girl sized” Legos have been pretty controversial but they have sold well, we’re told. And you can make a cool tank out of them. And thus, someone has used one to make a “Tank Girl” video. And here’s how to build it. Apparently there’s a special file style just for building Legos. The march of progress.


To Do, London: Comix Reader #3 launch

More info here.