Fantagraphics has released the cover for Popeye Vol. 6, the final volume of their handsome reprint series of E.C. Segar’s immortal Thimble Theater strips. We’re eager to get this if only to finish selling out POPEYE on the back of the books. Great design, great strip—one of those “must haves” for every well-stocked comics library for sure.


  1. This looks pretty cool. While sorting comics to catalog from my collection (finally putting them into a database app), I pulled my collected issues of the Spirit and Dick Tracy to reread. Tracy’s strips from the 1930s were pretty hard-boiled and gritty. I read them about 10+ years ago and I’m looking forward to reading them again. When I’m done, maybe I’ll check out these Popeye editions (well, after I finish rereading some barbarian comics like Conan and Blackmark).

  2. “We’re eager to get this if only to finish selling out POPEYE”

    Should be “spelling”, right?


  3. I don’t suppose there’s any chance that once they finish these six Popeye volumes that they might go back and print more pre-Popeye Thimble Theatre? I know, there’s probably not that much demand for it. I have no idea how much more pre-Popyeye Thimble Theater there is. And the earliest stuff may not be of the highest quality. But it would still be pretty cool imho.