Our friends at Comic-Con International really are trying get out as much information as possible for everyone trying to get a badge at tomorrow’s top secret convocation. To get yourself oriented, you may want to watch this training video.

Yep, a training video. Just pretend you’re Casper Van Dien and Denise Richards in STARSHIP TROOPERS.

And, just in case you didn’t know, it’s going to be a long grueling slog over the surface of Klendathu.


Bring snacks and for god’s sake STAY HYDRATED.

And on a more serious note, if you don’t have a member ID, forget it.

You will wait in line for 4 hours and then not be able to get a badge.



  1. A 7:31 minute video just to show how to USE the registration???

    I’m looking forward to WonderCon even more than ever!

  2. I think this might be my last year attending. From what I’ve been gathering, preregistration for next year’s con will not be available this year.

    I also think prices will skyrocket to $250+. By that point I think its best to start over with a new Comic Con in San Diego.

  3. I am so glad that I’m planning on going to the Big Wow con in San José in May.

    ComicCon is just getting too involved for me. Haven’t been, and with this Badge scam, probably won’t ever.

    I hope I’m not looking at the future of Wonder Con, but I feel I am… even if Wonder Con returns to the Bay Area.

  4. Don’t use the link in the email. Go directly to the website. Waited for 20 minutes as my browser timed out twice. Went to the site and got in the queue immediately. What a stupid mistake for someone to have made.

  5. Saturday badges are gone now, too.

    Hey, follow these directions to the letter and guarantee that you won’t have a chance to get tickets!

  6. I’m sure there won’t be any tickets by the time I get to the front of the line.

    I was 30 thousand something in line, getting in by going directly to the site. This was before the official facebook and twitter messages to not follow the link in the email.

    I initially followed the directions to the letter. I didn’t refresh my browser as instructed. I won’t get tickets because of it.

  7. 12.17pm: my position in line was 772, but “Only Sunday badges are available to purchase but inventory is very low.”

    12.19pm – I got in but all options were sold out.

    They’re all gone, folks.

  8. Had to take wife to work today, because of snow. Got home and raced to the computer @ 10:03 CST, and clicked the link from the email, waited for the browser which stalled. Began refreshing and after about five refreshes, got to the waiting room with #12877. When my number dropped to the mid 2000 range about 10:32 CST the four day passes sold out, but I wanted (2) Friday and Saturday passes. Finally got in to the purchasing area and the two days were still available, so I was able to get the passes for my wife and me, and closed out about 10:46 CST just before these two days sold out! Now we’ll have to see if CCI can follow up with the emails to confirm everything!

  9. @Domu : I’m using ‘scam’ in the same sense of an added level of complexity that adds to confusion and chaos. As in malformed Link…

    But I don’t care anymore, SDCC is just dead to me as an attendee. I can get the news a helluva lot easier via the Beat and other sites — w/o the crowds.

    However, maybe a lottery system could be fun to try out. Charge like a buck for a ticket (and put that money into a fund that’ll go to charitable comic organizations) and then the lucky winners gets a confirmation and can buy the tickets. And the buck the losers spent, since it goes to charity, it’s tax-deductible.

    Everybody wins, and it interjects a bit of fun into this.

    Don’t think it’ll ever be done, though.

  10. LATHER up the CCI/Epic pre-registration online preparation dance…

    RINSE out all the anxiety and nervousness of all those clicking on that link to try to get the passes…

    And REPEAT the #uberFAILFUComicCon(FML!)complaints and #whynotaLOTTERY? suggestions from last year’s drama.

    But, congratulations to those who were prepared/fortunate enough to get their badges to Comic-Con— e-mail confirmation willing!— and hope it’ll be worthy of your efforts this morning. See ya and the rest of we few, we lucky Max Capacity 125K few in July…

    (And for those who weren’t able to: there’s those other, ‘Safety Cons’ to apply to— little CCI bro WONDERCON for a taste of SDCC 5-10 years ago, NYCC for a lesser-Hollywoodised/more-Mainstream Comics-focused East Coast copy?)

    /glad I got my passes at last year’s Con: sure it took waking up at 3am to stand in a bayside boardwalk on Sunday to do so, but…

  11. Now on Facebook, they are claiming that the link wasn’t bad. Seriously?

    Following the link went nowhere. Going straight to the comic-con site, I got in immediately. Not even a slight delay. It loaded quicker than this page.

    A frustrating situation just became annoying from someone trying to cover his/her ass instead of just taking responsibility for a mistake.