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This interview with Scott Lobdell from ComicVine was sent to us with the idea that maybe he wasn’t up on the news that Static was joining the Teen Titans, which was announced at MegaCon:

CV: While we have you here, can you confirm whether or not Static Shock is going to be joining the team?

SL: Well, I know it was announced at the Florida Con, but to be honest it was the first I had heard about it. But although the membership is already high on the team, nothing would make me happier than Virgil joining the Teen Titans!

However, given the tongue-in-cheek nature of the rest of the interview, we’re guessing he’s kidding, although it seems Raven is off battling the Pink Hood or something:

CV: And Raven? A few months ago you mentioned she’d be in the books right about now. Can we assume the crossover has delayed her arrival?

SL: Something delayed her, but it wasn’t the crossover! It turns out DC has much bigger plans in store for the character and when you hear what they are you’ll understand why she’s too big for our little book!

Meanwhile, check out the ‘taint on Bunker, the openly gay member of the Teen Titans. Guess if a male character is GAY it is okay to draw him like Toms of Finland? And in eyeball-vaporizing green and purple to boot! Batman would never flaunt his manbits like that!

And before you say, “Oh, you always have to analyze everything!!!!!!” it is our fervent belief that there is subtext in almost EVERYTHING, and finding it is what’s best in life.


  1. @Zoomy – thats what a torso looks like after the fat is removed! haha… ;)

    Is the pic above meant to be the one similiar to tom of Finland? Cause if it is, we ain’t looking at the same Tom pics buddy! Bunker has bairly got a mound there, compared to what Tom is usually sporting! haha..

  2. Tom of Finland is an illustrator, not a character.
    His stuff looks to the average fanboy what the average superhero comic looks like to the average citizen.

  3. There’s looking for subtext and inventing something wholesale. If anything, that’s overcompensation in the opposite direction of “manbits,” literally desexualizing the character. Any more removal of bulge and it’d be concave down there.