Gil, A New Strip by Norm Feuti, Debuts Nationwide

A new comic strip debuts nationwide (yes, newspapers are still being sold) and it’s quite good!

The Beat’s Annual Year-End Survey, 2012 edition — Part two

Continuing our roll-out of picks, prognostications and previews from the comics industry. Part one can be read here.

First off — something we forgot to post yesterday: pages from Charles Vess’s projects for the year:

A 16 page full color graphic narrative about Istanbul, Turkey. 50 paintings for ‘The Cats of Tanglewood Forest’ written by Charles de Lint and to be published by Little Brown & Co. And my on-going work on my own book, ‘The Greenwood’ which use a combination of pure text, illustration and hundreds of pages of graphic narrative content to tell its story.

Bookmark: Capture Creatures

A massive art project for one half of the busy Tiny Kitten Teeth duo.

Bandai Entertainment reorganizes, ceases publishing manga, DVDs, and Blu-rays

Well, that didn’t take long.

2012 has claimed its first publishing casualty as Bandai Entertainment has announced they will be canceling their manga and home entertainment publishing to focus on licensing their brands as they undergo a restructuring.

Their Facebook and Twitter accounts will also be shut down.

Fact check: can you really fight in The Brokeback Pose?

Okay so like we don’t have enough to do, we just started a tumblr for The Brokeback Pose. Because…well because it’s so awesome.

To get us warmed up, here’s a post from a martial artist/contortionist, who explains that having your top and bottom face different directions is not that easy…and not very realistic in a fight. (Here’s a follow-up post with more.)

RIP: Ronald Searle

Ronald Searle, creator of St. Trinians and Molesworth and one of the great cartoonists of his generation, died December 30th at age 91, it’s being reported. Searle lived a dramatic early life:

New York Comic-Con 2012 tickets go on sale in 15 minutes

New York Comic Con is rapidly developing into a delirious East Coast roughhouse fan slam of a pop culture scrum — so let’s see how they handle ticket sales. For everyone serious about going to the gym AND getting a head start on their 2012, 4-day NYCC tickets go on-sale TODAY at noon EST. A four-day pass is $85 — a price which holds until 10/8, when it goes up to $100.

The PR release makes note of a couple of things — there will be more programming on Thursday. Everyone noted that the “pro” panels were pretty thin that day so maybe those will be increased. The show floor is also opening earlier on Thursday — 3 pm to 9 pm.

DC's red hood lady gets a name: Pandora

After carefully strewing the Woman in the Red Hood, who kicked the whole collapsed multiverse in FLASHPOINT, through every debut issue of The New 52, she’s got a name: Pandora.

She also has a double-breasted jacket, like everyone had in The Watchmen……hm.

Anyway, looks like the first mega crisis crossover of the new DCU is getting set up.

New AVENGERS film poster

A new poster for the Avengers film has been circulating — this seems to be the “Ultimate Avengers Movie” version.

Preview: Brubaker & Phillips’ FATALE

Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips are but two of the big-name creators making the move to Image in 2012 — that’s definitely going to be a BIG story for the year — and Warren Ellis has a five page preview of their new book FATALE. Here’s a one-page preview of the five-page preview. The book goes on sale this Wednesday.

Kyle Baker is working on something called HOTWIRE

Multi-talented Kyle Baker has been a little under the radar for a while. He’s working on some comics and animation proects, including, it seems something called HOTWIRE written by Kevin McCarthy (EPOCH). Or as Baker put it: I think this is the cover. Looks like a comic about a flying girl with pink hair…we’re in.

A new issue of BERLIN is on the way

Jason Lutes has been working on BERLIN, his tale of Weimar Germany, for something like…14 years. And although it’s been about a year between issues, a new issue has been delivered to the DQ offices and publisher Chris Oliveros marvels at their craft:

Jason is the consummate professional. Did you know that there is not a single use of “white out” on any of these 24 pages? Pen to paper for close to a couple of hundred panels, all done with flawless efficiency.

Kibbles 'n' Bits, 1/3/12

It’s a brand new day here at Stately Beat Manor! We’re rested and refreshed, and based on past refreshments, this state will last well into the early hours of the morning.

Flesh Eating Monsters and Psychiatrists – A Curse of the Wendigo Review

Curse of the Wendigo is a graphic album coming out tomorrow from Dynamite written by Mathieu Missoffe and drawn by Charlie Adlard. Missoffe is a French screenwriter who moonlights in comics (an increasingly American thing to be doing, it would seem). Adlard is probably most familiar to comics audience as the artist on Walking Dead. As you might guess from the phrase “graphic album,” Curse of the Wendigo was originally published in France by Soliel in 2009. Yes, the same Soliel that Marvel was publishing translations of a few years back.