Jason Lutes has been working on BERLIN, his tale of Weimar Germany, for something like…14 years. And although it’s been about a year between issues, a new issue has been delivered to the DQ offices and publisher Chris Oliveros marvels at their craft:

Jason is the consummate professional. Did you know that there is not a single use of “white out” on any of these 24 pages? Pen to paper for close to a couple of hundred panels, all done with flawless efficiency.

The new BERLIN hits in February.


  1. THANKS FOR POSTING THIS! The issue was solicited to ship last week. Been hoping it was still coming.
    Didn’t see this post, but read about it in the latest Brokeback post’s comments section. I am reminded of Hibbs’ point about posts rolling off your front page. I check your site nearly every day, but I initially missed this post!