Multi-talented Kyle Baker has been a little under the radar for a while. He’s working on some comics and animation proects, including, it seems, something called HOTWIRE written by Kevin McCarthy (EPOCH). Or as Baker put it: I think this is the cover. Looks like a comic about a flying girl with pink hair…we’re in.


  1. Under the radar?

    Two series of Deadpool MAX with Dave “Stray Bullets” Lapham is “under the radar”?!

    Geez, I know the sales weren’t that great, but it’s Deadpool. MAX. The DSM-IV mentions this comic in its bibliography!

    (And if you’ve got kiddies, Mr. Baker did a few regular issues of Deadpool as well.)

  2. A more accurate title for this post might be “Kyle Baker is working on something that, at one time, was going to be called HOTWIRE.”

    That’s what I was calling this project back when I pitched it to, among many others, DC’s Matrix imprint — see what I did there?

    We’re still using the old name as a placeholder until I unveil the new title for the project, which I may as well do here.

    Now we’re calling it “America’s Got Powers.”