Capture Creatures is a one-year project in which
Becky Dreistadt (Tiny Kitten Teeth)

will create 151 different hand-painted creatures, the same number as the original Pokemon. Each creature will be accompanied by a short encyclopedia entry by myself, Frank Gibson. At the end of the year, all the pieces will be exhibited in a touring gallery show. CaptureCreatures.com will update every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Pieces will also be syndicated to our Tumblr.

First up: the Bon Bon Fire.

Dreistadt and Gibson have also completed a Yo Gabba Gabba short — animated by Meredith Gran —scheduled for release this year. Sounds like everything’s coming up Kitten Teeth.

[Via Fleen]


  1. Don’t know if THE BEAT or FLEEN knew this, but Becky is doing the illustrations for a kids/family book we are doing over here at BLIND FERRET. It’s her usual amazing work. I don’t want to post a link without THE BEATS permission, but if they give the ok I’ll post a link so you can see more Becky-goodness.

    Full disclosure: This is a Blind Ferret Employee and this is shameless self promo. But it doesn’t make Driesdadt any less awesome.