After carefully strewing the Woman in the Red Hood, who kicked the whole collapsed multiverse in FLASHPOINT, through every debut issue of The New 52, she’s got a name: Pandora.

She also has a double-breasted jacket, like everyone had in The Watchmen……hm.

Anyway, looks like the first mega crisis crossover of the new DCU is getting set up.


  1. Sigh… There’s nothing better to drive away new readers (like me) while temporarily boosting sales to only your core fans, than starting a big crossover event right away.

    Although I have to give DC credit for creating a convenient jumping-off point so soon after the big jumping-on point. It WILL save me a lot of money, at least.

  2. DC’s editorial can go fuck themselves.

    I am really am hoping this reboot bits them in the ass very hard in a few months.

  3. It’s not a bad idea sometimes to remind yourself that it’s comic books – a hobby. If you’re not enjoying it, then there are plenty of other things to do.

  4. Pandora, huh? Gotta love those five-minutes-in-the-hallway creative meetings.

    Anyway, here’s the lowdown on the upcoming mega-crossover – NEW CRISIS as it’ll be called…

    The fabric of the new DCU is weak & unsteady. There are serious gaps in everyone’s memory as to what has happened in the past. Some say one thing. Some say another. Some don’t recall anything at all. Batman is the first to notice. As in “Wasn’t I setting up Batman Incorporated after traveling through time and a whole bunch of other weird shit? Why am I suddenly fighting these owl-guys now?”

    Pandora rounds up everybody who has suspicions – like Barry wondering why he doesn’t have a nephew anymore and even Darkseid wondering why he looks like an 90’s Image Comics reject.

    Pandora explains that they’re all victims of THE INTERFERERS – beings on a supposedly higher level of existence that can’t help constantly mucking about with time & space – “Like artists who compulsively nit-pick at their work until the canvas itself eventually becomes unusable.”

    In the grand tradition of re-using recycled ideas, it’ll culminate in a phone poll: Call such-and-such number if you want the old ‘verse reinstated. Call the other if you want the New 52 to continue…


  5. @Matt, oh, I believe very much about the whole not liking don’t buy, if anything, I have pretty much cut a lot of DC monthly and only keeping my Vertigo monthlies and have added a lot of indy books on my pull list.

  6. @JimShelley
    The big trend at multinational corporations for the last 12 years is not to over-think concepts. They have rediscovered over the last twelve years what H.L. Mencken figured out in the 1920s, that “no one has ever gone broke underestimating the intelligence of (American) people”.