What to buy from Image Comics in December 2011

An all-star Madman anniversary collection and a Super Dinosaur coloring book highlight the month, plus a Jingle Belle collections, the first Witch Doctor trade, a comic about ancient Rome by Tito Faraci and Dan Brereton, and the second issue of Paul Grist’s MUDMEN.

What to buy from Dark Horse in January 2012

Dark Horse has just released its January solicitations — a new reprint of a classic European comics by Hermann tops the list for us, along with a series of Mike Mignola variant covers in his monster year, and the Compleat Terminal City.

Legal Right & Ethical Mights (To Do Friday)

BY JEN VAUGHN – This Friday, ‘Marvel’ will face the ghost of Jack Kirby when professor and attorney Oliver Goodenough squares off against creator rights advocate and cartoonist Steve Bissette.

Ted Rall scolds multimillion-dollar charity for asking for free cartoons

Does the Society pay any of its staff? Does it rent office space? Does it buy office supplies? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” please consider paying cartoonists and other creators. Cartooning is hard work, and it deserves recompense.

Wizard hires Kevin Kelly as managing editor

Over the last few years, all the Wizard news stories have been about who’s leaving, but here’s a story about a new hire for a change. Kevin Kelly, formerly of G4, io9, Cinematical and so on, has joined as managing editor for web endeavors. WIzard is currently published as a computer- and tablet-friendly PDF about once a week.

Bluewater teams with Simon & Schuster for Bin Laden hunt comic

Bluewater and their comics bios get the most press of any comics, but not many sales that show up on Diamond’s charts. However, all the press has enabled a team-up with Simon and Schuster for Killing GERONIMO: THE HUNT FOR OSAMA BIN LADEN, a comics-styled take on how the Al Qaeda leader was hunted down by US troops.

A previous comics version was published by IDW, CODEWORD GERONIMO.

Bluewater’s version will be written by Jerome Maida and Darren G. Davis with art by James Boulton.

NYCC News rewind: SPERA by Josh Tierney, Emily Carroll and more

Webcomic sensation Emily Carroll has joined the team on Spera, the graphic novel edition of a long-running online comic by Josh Tierney. Arachaia is publishing the print edition, which includes art by Kyla Vanderklugt, Hwei Lin Lim and Carroll.

NYCC news rewind: Rushkoff and Sudzuka take on our cultural short attention span

This one has been out there for a while but hasn’t gotten too much attention: A.D.D., an original graphic novel by Douglas Rushkoff and Goran Sudzuka from Vertigo.

Scream Awards: June Foray wins Comic-Con Icon Award

Scream Awards were presented to comics people; and the comics people rejoiced.

To do tonight: Alison Bechdel at B&N; Seth and Clowes at Housing works

Tonight at at the Union Square Barnes & Noble:
Alison Bechdel, Jessica Abel, Gabrielle Bell, and Kevin Mutch on the Best American Comics 2011

And at at Housing Works Bookstore Cafe in Soho:
Dan Clowes and Seth in conversation

Elite Beat Operatives — please get going!

Todd Klein and Shawn McManus team for GO FREELANCE game

Continuing his A-to-Z (one hopes!) series of prints, man of letters Todd Klein has released the latest, a collaboration with Shawn McManus which is actually a board game called “Go Freelance” which sells for a mere $20.

Kibbles 'n' Bits: NYCC 11 Edition

It’s going to take a while to get the images and sounds — and smells — of New York Comic Con out of our head, and images such as the above — a bevy of gender-swapped Doctor Whos composed of cosplay superstars — will show you why. There were SO many costumed people at the the show this year. The ratio of costumes to lookieloos was incredibly high. So yeah, if it was spectacle you wanted, you got it, including the topless woman with the fake mustache who was hanging outside the Javits on Sunday.

“Yeah, they were talking about her all the way back to Macy’s,” a photographer told me. Since Macy’s is five blocks crosstown from the Javits, this is the equivalent of light speed communication in New York terms.