Wizard hires Kevin Kelly as managing editor

Over the last few years, all the Wizard news stories have been about who’s leaving, but here’s a story about a new hire for a change. Kevin Kelly, formerly of G4, io9, Cinematical and so on, has joined as managing editor for web endeavors. WIzard is currently published as a computer- and tablet-friendly PDF about once a week.

Bluewater teams with Simon & Schuster for Bin Laden hunt comic

Bluewater and their comics bios get the most press of any comics, but not many sales that show up on Diamond’s charts. However, all the press has enabled a team-up with Simon and Schuster for Killing GERONIMO: THE HUNT FOR OSAMA BIN LADEN, a comics-styled take on how the Al Qaeda leader was hunted down by US troops.

A previous comics version was published by IDW, CODEWORD GERONIMO.

Bluewater’s version will be written by Jerome Maida and Darren G. Davis with art by James Boulton.