Continuing his A-to-Z (one hopes!) series of prints, man of letters Todd Klein has released the latest, a collaboration with Shawn McManus which is actually a board game called “Go Freelance” which sells for a mere $20.

As with the previous seven prints in this alphabetical series (representing letters A to F and H), G for GO FREELANCE! is printed in black (with gray tones) on 11 by 17-inch cardstock-thickness Exact Vellum Bristol, this time in Ivory color, and each one is hand-painted with green spot-colors by Todd and signed by both McManus and Klein in a limited edition of 500 copies. Shawn and Todd have been working together since their 1985 collaboration on DC Comics’ THE OMEGA MEN, and had a great time putting together this light-hearted look at the world behind the comics we all love.

This small image does not do justice to the detailing, which includes such characters as The Old Pro and The Top Writer.