This one has been out there for a while but hasn’t gotten too much attention: A.D.D., an original graphic novel by Douglas Rushkoff and Goran Sudzuka from Vertigo.

Berger introduced the creator of the new Vertigo original graphic novel, “A.D.D.,” as a “media guru.” Douglas Rushkoff is a media theorist and columnist who previously wrote the series “Testament” for Vertigo in 2006. Berger has wanted to get Rushkoff to put his knowledge of modern technology culture to use in a series, and this is the result. When asked to summarize the series, Rushkoff said it asks “what if attention deficit disorder was an adaptive strategy in a world where people try to program you everywhere you look.” The series follows a group of children who are raised from the womb to be video game testers and documents what happens when they break through the “entertainment spell.” Two pages by artist Goran Sudzuka, known for his work on “Y: The Last Man,” were then shown, introducing the panel attendees to lead character Carl, which prompted Berger’s to whisper, “Poor Carl…” suggesting the road may be rough for the protagonist.

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