THE DARK KNIGHT RISES official teaser poster revealed

A crumbling monochrome Gotham skyscape gives way to the Batman symbol in the first official teaser poster for THE DARK KNIGHT RISEs, the third film in the Christopher Nolan helmed trilogy.

An official teaser TRAILER is expected before this weekend final Harry Potter film.

Can’t wait. Esp. like the artwork-like feeling of the image.

SDCC11: A Five Step Plan to having fun at Comic-Con

For some, Comic-Con will be another year in an annual tradition that evolves even as you do. For others, it’s a be-all and end-all. Five steps for Comic-Con planning and how to deal with the shock of learning that you are not a precious snowflake.

DC announces October Bat-family books, two new miniseries

Okay so this is how it’s going to go. Following on the heels of the New 52, DC is announcing its October books with a smatter of new miniseries and other extras. The Batbooks were revealed today with a new Huntress mini by Paul Levitz and a Penguin mini by Gregg Hurwitz..

In addition, as expected, often tardy writer/artist David Finch has been joined by Paul Jenkins and Jay Fabok on DETECTIVE COMICS #2. Graeme McMillan says this is the first DC book to crack, but we haven’t seen all the #2s yet.

Spike Lee to direct OLDBOY

While not generally included in lists of comics book movies, OLDBOY most certainly is one — the tale of twisted vengeance is based on a manga by Nobuaki Minegishi and Garon Tsuchiya (published in the US by Dark Horse.) Turned into an acclaimed film by South Korean director Chan-wook Park in 2003, it won the Grand Jury Prize at Cannes in 2004.

Now Spike Lee will take a shot at making an American version to match the first filmed version. he’s signed to direct the remake, his first film in three years, from a script by Mark Protosevich.
Steven Spielberg and Will Smith were once attached to the film, but no longer.

OLDBOY involves a man who wakes up in a room where is confined for 15 years. When he learns of his family’s death via the TV in the room, he plans an escape and a grisly vengeance on those who imprisoned him.

New TINTIN trailer finally reveals things, looks…..odd

A lengthy trailer for The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn has finally been released that actually shows faces and things.

As you may recall, this film is a collaboration between Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson and has been fashioned using mocap technology — and will be presented in 3D

PLUSSES: Obviously a very smart lietrate script by Steve Moffat (Doctor Who), Edgar Wright (Scott Pilgrim) and Joe Cornish (many smart British things.) It’s not too often you watch a trailer for an action movie and think “Wow, that is a well written script!”

MINUSES: Jeepers did they shoot this in some kind of overcranked mode? It is so ssslllloooowwww. Everyone moves in poetic Malick-cam motion.

SDCC11: Even Cirque du Soleil is coming to Comic-Con

Okay its official — EVERYONE is coming to Comic-Con and putting on a show. If you thought it was already a three-ring circus, you were only half right Now it’s a three-ring 3D circus.

Cirque du Soliel the internationally renowned brand-name for acrobatics, swinging by your hair, juggling and other wonderment, will be bringing the finale of its Kâ show to Comic-con in a staging at Petco Park on Friday Night, which will be set against a 3D projections.

SDCC 11: The Lord of the Rings is coming to Comic-Con with special surprise spectacle

THE LORD OF THE RINGS: WAR IN THE NORTH is a new video game for multiple platforms which, as we’ve excitedly mentioned before, covers the war in the north between the various races of Middle Earth. They’ll be marking a major presence Comic-Con with a big event Saturday night in the Gaslamp district.

Wolk’s Dredd Reckoning

Douglas Wolk is blogging about Judge Dredd . The author of “Reading Comics,” has presented us with several specialized comics blogs in the past — like his amazing 52 Pickup analyzing all the metadata of DC’s 52 — but now he’s wading right in to the world of the ultimate law, and one of Britain’s most popular native characters:

Marvel teases the return of Iron Fist

Is it a new comic book about the adventures of Saul Bass

Or just the return of Iron Fist?

MILK & CHEESE collection due from Dark Horse

Evan Dorkin’s famed carton of hate and wedge of spite — aka Milk and Cheese — are getting a hardcover collection, Dorkin reports. The 240 page collection will include a host of extras:

SHOCK: James Patterson teams with Laura Park

James Patterson is a mega-author franchise, writer of such series as Alex Cross, Maximum Ride and Witch and Wizard — the latter two series gave also been adapted into graphic novels.

Laura Park is an indie cartoonist from Chicago whose gorgeous work has made her a cartoonist’s cartoonist in the indie world.

So hearing they’ve teamed up on a book about middle school sounds unlikely. But it’s true.

Preview: Tripwire #55

TRIPWIRE, edited by Joel Meadow is an excellent magazine about comics and their satellites. Like most paper-based periodicals, it’s found a new distribution method as a e-magazine — but you can still order the ppaer version from Diamond. Meadows’ blog has a preview and come highlights: