Douglas Wolk is blogging about Judge Dredd . The author of “Reading Comics,” has presented us with several specialized comics blogs in the past — like his amazing 52 Pickup analyzing all the metadata of DC’s 52 — but now he’s wading right in to the world of the ultimate law, and one of Britain’s most popular native characters:

Mills’ Dredd never really feels like Wagner’s, though. In some ways, more power to him–nearly every other writer’s Dredd feels like a watered-down imitation of Wagner’s, and Mills definitely has his own voice. (Even Garth Ennis, Mark Millar and Grant Morrison, when they wrote Dredd, often seemed to be doing Wagner lite, and they’re not writers you can ordinarily accuse of not having strong voices.) But a tiny thing that illustrates the difference is that Mills’ Dredd exclaims “By Stomm!” all the time. Wagner’s Dredd is more likely to say “Stomm!”–a curse, but not an oath sworn in the name of some sort of greater entity.

Dredd wlll be the subject of a movie starring Karl Urban this winter, so consider this your chance to get in on the ground floor. If Doctor Who is a bit too twee for your tastes, Dredd may be the Brit institution for you.


  1. I actually owned Prog 61 (the issue shown) at one point. In the early ’80s I traded my Gold Key/Dell & Charlton PHANTOM collection for an equal number of British weeklies. I was pretty quickly hooked on 2000 A.D. and Judge Dredd.

    Considering the fate of the Sly Stallone film, it’s nice to hear that the character will be given another shot on the Big Screen. Fingers crossed!