Okay its official — EVERYONE is coming to Comic-Con and putting on a show. If you thought it was already a three-ring circus, you were only half right Now it’s a three-ring 3D circus.

Cirque du Soliel the internationally renowned brand-name for acrobatics, swinging by your hair, juggling and other wonderment, will be bringing the finale of its Kâ show to Comic-con in a staging at Petco Park on Friday Night, which will be set against a 3D projections.
Wired has some details

“It’s going to be something that people have never seen before, because we’re taking the projection and putting live artists into the projection,” says Jeff Lund, Cirque du Soleil company manager, in the exclusive video above. Wired.com asked members of the troupe about the difficulties of interacting with 3-D projections, the challenge of performing such gravity-defying feats and the risks of re-creating Kà’s showdown between good and evil on a brick wall outdoors. “They’re trying to take a vertical wall and make it feel like the ground, so that the audience gets this perspective of looking at a battle from above,” says battle coach Paul Cameron in the video interview, which includes a look at the massive 3-D undertaking.

This event is apparently free to attend, and no ticket required. It begins at sundown.


  1. Wow! I’ve seen the KA show in Las Vegas and having seen many Cirque du Soliel shows over the years, I’ve found it to be one of their best. I’m really looking forward to seeing this at SDCC.

  2. Honestly, does this truly belong at Comic-Con? Then again, does a third of the events belong at Comic-Con?

    This is officially Culture Con now.

  3. Well, Cirque du Soliel did have a meeting with Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean a while back. Maybe this is a warm up for the announcement next year?

    That said, if they were taking up space in the con, in say Hall H, I would be asking why they are there. However, they are just appearing outside during the con, which in more looking for a big audience who would be interested in watching an aerial battle by circus stunt performers.