Paolo Rivera makes it into Google Street View

Artist Paolo Rivera recounts an amusing story of how he found himself on Google’s Street Viewstanding in front of Jim Hanley’s Universe. He adds some interesting tips on how he uses the service as an art reference:

To do tonight: Fingerman & Meyerson at LIVE COMIX BLOCK

This monthly Brooklyn comics reading event returns with Bob Fingerman reading from his horror-themed works, and Keith Meyerson reading from a reissue of his pioneering work HORROR HOSPITAL.

Fans plan New 52 protest at Comic-Con

A Facebook page has sprung up to organize a protest march against the new awful designs of the new 52. It seems some folks don’t like the new fresh DC designs that are all new:

DC’s New 52 promo video with Lee and Morrison promises us NEW things

Seeing as how it was somehow unearthed by Bleeding Cool, there is no way of knowing where this video featuring all of DC’s major editorial players save Geoff John talking about the relaunch was created for. It’s definitely aimed at consumers, but the actual venue we may never know. Or it may never have been released.

The video shows Dan DiDio, Jim Lee, Eddie Berganza, Bob Harras, and special guest star Grant Morrison each uttering the word “new” about 30 times each. Our impressions is that they want us to know that this is a NEW initiative and a NEW way of doing things. It’s NEW.

Josei manga considered

There’s been a bit of a blog tour about Josei, or manga for grown women of late. A podcast with Johanna Draper Carlson, David Welsh and Melinda Beasi can he heard here and includes lots of links.

ICAF goes to CCS

We hadn’t seen this formally announced anywhere but we might have missed it: ICAF, the annual meet-up for international comics scholars, will be hosted at CCS this year. The conference will be held September 29-October 1, and spotlight the American Bande Dessineé Society.

BOOM! suggests you reserve and read SNARKED

Via BOOM!’s mailing list, Chip Mosher has a pretty clear suggestion that shows just how publishers are living on a copy here and a copy there. With DC’s massive relaunch coming up a lot of retailer dollars are going to be tied up elsewhere so a book like Roger Langridge’s SNARKED needs every little boost:

New and notable: Lucille

Ludovic Debeurme’sLUCILLE hits these shores this week, and it’s a stunner. In France, this hefty (500+ page) graphic novel about two teenagers from troubled families coming of age together was a major literary event, crossing over even with non-comics readers, and Top Shelf’s English version is very faithful to the original.

Nice art: Malinky Robot

A collected edition of MALINKY ROBOT, Sonny Liew’s charming series about two urchins in a city full of giant robots, is coming out in August, and here’s the cover. Liew is the artist of MY FAITH IN FRANKIE, Marvel’s SENSE AND SENSIBILITY, and many other fine comics; he also edited two volumes of the Eisner-nominated LIQUID CITY, the Singapore comics anthology.

Futurama goes steampunk

Anina Bennett wrote to share the cover to FUTURAMA #57, a steampunk story which includes a mashup of acerbic robot Bender with historical chameleon robot Boilerplate (created by Paul Guinan and Bennett) called…Benderplate. It had to happen.

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, June 30, 2011

Interviews, exclusionary fans, the completino of THE TWELVE. and the return of Eddie Campbell.

Tr!ckster and Criterion team for Kurosawa benefit at San Diego Comic-Con

Since last we reported on Tr!ckster, the creator-driven pop-up/art gallery/store/wine bar that will be running all through Comic-Con, a lot has happened. We’ll be spotlighting some of it in a future post, but right this minute they have just announced a special event for Friday, July 22nd: a benefit for the Japan Society Earthquake Relief Fund featuring an art gallery tribute to the films of Akira Kurosawa.

Webcomics redux

Speaking of things that K—B—– hath wrought, in the same post on Fleen that talks about Strong Females, Tyrrell also talks about the print/web divide:

Strong Females are taking over the internet

At the risk of invoking the name K—B—– again, it should be noted that the characters created by B——, Carly Monardo and Meredith Gran have taken on a like of their own, with a Fan Art tumblr, a Twitter hashtag and a motto:
“With Great Power Comes a Great Pair of Titties.”
Gary Tyrrell at Fleen has the complete rundown on strong females stuff.

VIDEO: Neil Gaiman on Craig Ferguson

An Englishman and a Scotsman talk about Doctor Who. Of Course.

Games of Thrones: The comic gets Alex Ross covers

If you were wondering when a Game of Thrones comic book would show up, it’s been in the works for quite a while from Bantam Books and Dynamite The first issue is due in September. Daniel Abraham writes, Tommy Patterson draws, and Alex Ross and Mike S. Miller will provide the covers.

Martin had a previous comics encounter when the Dabel Brothers adapted his Hedge Knight Books.