Since last we reported on Tr!ckster, the creator-driven pop-up/art gallery/store/wine bar that will be running all through Comic-Con, a lot has happened. We’ll be spotlighting some of it in a future post, but right this minute they have just announced a special event for Friday, July 22nd: a benefit for the Japan Society Earthquake Relief Fund featuring an art gallery tribute to the films of Akira Kurosawa.

The show will be free to enter but sale of art will benefit the fund.

PR below:

TR!CKSTER and The Criterion Collection have joined forces to curate a one-night-only celebration of the works of legendary director Akira Kurosawa. Cited as an inspiration to generations of storytellers, Kurosawa’s films resonate with a singular clarity of vision, and his images last in our minds long after the last frame has played.

This intimate show will feature original pieces by artists from the worlds of comics, animation, and illustration, including: Mike Allred, Scott C., Josh Cochran, Francesco Francavilla, Robert Goodin, Victor Kerlow, Ted Mathot, Scott Morse, Sho Murase, Bill Presing, Jim Rugg, Bill Sienkiewicz, and Connor Willumsen. All proceeds from sales of these works will be donated to the Japan Society Earthquake Relief Fund.

This is a special engagement gallery event, existing for one night only, with all proceeds to benefit the Japan Society Earthquake Relief Fund.

Art below: the Kent Williams cover for the Criterion reissue of RASHOMON.