Robot post #2:

A collected edition of MALINKY ROBOT, Sonny Liew’s charming series about two urchins in a city full of giant robots, is coming out in August, and here’s the cover. Liew is the artist of MY FAITH IN FRANKIE, Marvel’s SENSE AND SENSIBILITY, and many other fine comics; he also edited two volumes of the Eisner-nominated LIQUID CITY, the Singapore comics anthology.

Liew was interviewed recently at Robot 6 and talks about his participation in the FLIGHT anthologies.

I think Kazu sent me an email after he saw a copy of the self-published Malinky Robot : Stinky Fish Blues. The experience with Flight has been great — watching all the incredible artists post their works in progress on the Flight Forums, meeting the folks at San Diego; it was also the inspiration behind Liquid City, though both Kazu and Ivan Brandon (who was editor for 24Seven) did warn me how much work would be involved in editing an anthology :p It’s been an honor to have been part of the series, I think it’ll be a bittersweet thing when it ends its run with volume 8.

Liew is a fantastically talented artist; MALINKY ROBOT comes out from Image in August and it’s well worth searching out.