Via BOOM!’s mailing list, Chip Mosher has a pretty clear suggestion that shows just how publishers are living on a copy here and a copy there. With DC’s massive relaunch coming up a lot of retailer dollars are going to be tied up elsewhere so a book like Roger Langridge’s SNARKED needs every little boost:

As I am sure you have read, sales for comics are down this year from last. So I wanted to ask you all to do me a favor… and that is to make sure you are pre-ordering your books from your local comic shop or online retailer. If you don’t have a subscription or pull list, and you are a comics fan, please take the time to work with your local comic shop to get one. By pre-ordering your comics with your local retailer you make it easier for them to know what to order for their store and run their business better. This isn’t just true for BOOM! Studios comics and trades, but for every publisher and every store. It’s just a very helpful thing to do!

[snip] So when you go to your local comic shop today, or later in the week, make sure you have a subscription or pull list at the store. And if you are so inclined, put SNARKED #0 (Diamond Code of JUN110963) on that new list or the list you currently have. It’s only a buck, so you won’t regret it. (SNARKED #1 will be coming out this October.) Making sure you have a subscription or pull list at your local comic shop is just the right thing to do these days – whether you put SNARKED on it or not. But I am the Marketing and Sales Director here at BOOM!, so you’ll have to forgive me for trying to sell you on SNARKED! :P

We don’t need to be told twice to plug Roger Langridge so here are some pages:







  1. I have pre-ordered almost all my comics for at least 14 years. I live in smallish towns with small comics shops that can’t afford to bring in all the different titles I like unless I pre-order. I like to get lots of indie titles, and pre-ordering is the only way to make sure I get most of them. I have pre-ordered Snarked, because I really enjoy Langridge’s work.