New Spider-Man will have mechanical webshooters

Poor Emma Stone. As lovely and charming as she is, she did not know that by answering some nerdy question on the red carpet she was stepping into a hotbed of fannish research. While everyone went all Zapruder inspecting the bulges on Andrew Garfield’s wrists in the recently released look at him in Spider-garb, she innocently answered the burning question:

Never forget

Obviously, DC doesn’t want to risk losing the dollars of its core audience in the hopes of gaining a broader selection of readers. What if those new readers don’t come? Hey, that’s a serious and valid question. Money isn’t exactly pouring in. Taking a risk is scary when a comic selling 25,000 copies is considered a solid book. And so…you do nothing. You make awkward jokes when fans ask questions at cons. You put minority characters who rarely appear in big pose down images as if they are an integral part of the story. You hope to keep complaints from both sides to a very low rumbling.