According to this article, India is getting its first comic-con, a two-day affair to be held next month in New Delhi, and called…Comic-Con India:

International giants like Marvel (which already has a presence in India) and DC are expected to showcase their latest products alongside a clutch of local comics publishers like Vimanika, Level 10 and Campfire – all recent entrants to the Indian market. The more serious readers can look forward to the latest graphic novels from publishers like Penguin, Harper Collins and Random House.

Activities will include panels, awards, workshops, and so on — in other words, it will be just like a comic-con, except it’s in India.

The comic-con concept is spreading far and wide — A Middle East Film & Comic Con
is planned for Dubai later this year; events in South America and the Far East are getting into the US comics industry’s consciousness. No question, the excitement over the comic-con formula has gone worldwide!


  1. Hmm… what happens when Bollywood gets involved? And starts producing superhero movies?
    (Is Hrithik Roshan on the Beat’s Beefcake list?)

    There’s a long tradition of comics in India, including their own “Classics Illustrated”: Amar Chitra Katha (978-0-253-22052-3, 81-903634-3-3). Check the Wikipedia entry of “Indian comics”.

  2. Shah Rukh Khan is doing a superhero movie later this year, actually… Ra.One, although it looks to be maybe taking as much inspiration from gaming as comics:

    Krrish is also apparently getting a sequel sometime soon-ish (and it already was a sequel to an inspirational sci-fi alien thing)… such a weird movie. It’s like a long, semi-serious homage to the Lois/Clark mind games of Silver Age Superman — all the better to broadcast some mainline Hindi movie romantic travails, I’m sure — only to dive into ‘modern’ superhero movie stuff in the last half hour…

    However, there is much going on in Indian comics: