Last night’s Golden Globes held no wins for any comics-themed material, but lots of stars of comic book movies were out, providing a stunning parade of nerdlebrity pulchritude.

christian bale golden globes
First off — Batman — WHOA! Sporting the hippie hair look used by so many — Robert Downey Jr., Robert De Niro — Bale looks hotter than ever. And he was smiling! What’s up with that? Christian Bale never smiles!

january jones golden globes
January Jones won the homina homina award, female division.

emma stone golden globes 2011
Cute Emma Stone is blond for her role as Gwen Stacy in the Spider-Man reboot.

halle berry golden globes
Halle Berry may have made the worst superhero movie of all times but she is a beauty for the ages.

chris hemsworth golden globes
Future Thor Chris Hemsworth looked good in non-Asgardian garb.


Sandra Bullock, you are not playing Lisbeth Salander!

Helena Bonham Carter thought she was entering the “Miss Hot Mess 2011” pageant, and really wanted to win.


  1. Scanning Google for Jones/Frost images, it seems that the above picture is a close as a fanboy will get to the more “modern” version shown in the comics. Perhaps Versace can also make one in white?