New round of Xeric Grant winners announced

The spring round of Xeric Grant winners have been announced and they are: Margaret Ashford-Trotter — Thunder in the Building #2 Jason Brubaker — reMIND Jonathon Dalton — Lords of Life and Death Wei Li — Lotus Root Children Jed McGowan — Lone Pine Ansis Purins — Zombre #2: The Magic Forest Brittney Sabo and […]

New RED teaser posters

And speaking of RED, the upcoming all-star film loosely based on the Ellis/Hamner miniseries, a bunch of teaser character posters are being released, and they are pretty cool. Willis, Mirren, and Malkovich play retired CIA agents who have to get together one more time to find out who is trying to kill them. Yeah, that […]

New TWO-STEP collection coming

Via Warren Ellis, the cover to a NEW edition of TWO-STEP, his collaboration with Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti: You know how this project started? I’d worked with Amanda before — on a Vampirella thing, just because I wanted to write something for Amanda, because she’s brilliant. And a couple of years later I got […]

Ed Brubaker, KCRW DJ

Let’s spin some tunes with The Brub! Ed Brubaker has just completed a stint as a guest DJ for LA’s influential radio station KCRW. Luckily, thanks to modern day technology, we can all listen along and hopefully no one will be singing the Smith’s lyric “Hang the bloody DJ.” PR below.

Marvel Month-to-Month Sales: May 2010

A busy month, as SIEGE wraps up, and the Heroic Age books begin, including the debut issues of both AVENGERS and SECRET AVENGERS. The “World War Hulks” crossover begins, “Second Coming” continues in the X-books, and the new ASTONISHING miniseries ship their first issues.

Once again, Marvel had the largest share of the North American direct market, beating DC by 46% to 35% in terms of units, and 41% to 31% in dollars.

For the benefit of any new readers, bear in mind the following disclaimers. These are estimates of orders placed by stores in the North American direct market. They don’t include sales on newsstands, or to other countries (such as the UK). And most of this material will be repackaged in collected editions or made available online, so there will be further sales in other formats. On the other hand, we don’t know whether the retailers managed to sell everything they ordered. With books that have been around a while, the retailers presumably have a fairly good idea of how many copies they can sell; with new launches, there’s a bit more guesswork involved.

SD10: Hero Initiative – #5003

The Hero Initiative charity which provides assistance to creators in need of financial aid has announced their Comic-Con schedule and promotions, including an auction to have cocktails with comics luminaries such as Joe Quesada, and a variant edition of the Overstreet Price Guide. Details below:

PvP leaves Image for self-publishing

Via PR a story that touches the current comics business on so many levels. In short, Scott Kurtz is taking his print PvP collections of his very popular webcomic PvP and returning to self-publishing via his Toonhound Studios imprint. PVP has been published by Image since 2003, and Image will continue to sell his existing collections. However future print editions of the comic will be sold online. According to the release, Kurtz won’t be selling them through Diamond at all, although he’ll work directly with retailers who want to carry his books.

Getting there

The expected tsunami of San Diego news is well under way, and we’ll start our annual mega posting tomorrow. In the meantime apologies for the erratic Beat posting schedule of late due to conflicting deadlines on a variety of fronts; juggling all this stuff seems to take as much time as getting it accomplished. Despite all the problems, I hope you can stick with me. Of course, I’ll be in San Diego to report on as much of it as one human possibly can — we’ll have a few stringers and correspondents on the scene as well and hopefully we can dig a little into the behind the scenes of the hype and hoopla.