Let’s spin some tunes with The Brub! Ed Brubaker has just completed a stint as a guest DJ for LA’s influential radio station, KCRW. Luckily, thanks to modern day technology, we can all listen along and hopefully no one will be singing the Smiths lyric, “Hang the bloody DJ.” PR below.

Award-winning comic book writer and graphic novelist Ed Brubaker does not shy away from dark themes in his work — or his songs picks. He chooses a slate of songs about heartbreak, loneliness and survival in his Guest DJ Project set for Los Angeles-based public radio station KCRW (89.9FM and You can find the full set streaming and for download, with a transcript, here:
Ed prefers music that “hits you right in the heart” and kicks off his Guest DJ set with “It Changes” from the Snoopy Comes Home Soundtrack: 
“(This) is the song Charlie Brown sings after Snoopy leaves. As an ex cartoonist, I just like Charles Schulz better than Charles Dickens and this song was, I think, the first time I ever felt ennui as a child. It very much informs everything about Charlie Brown as a character and about, you know… the particular genius of Charles Schulz is that he taps into this loneliness that we all feel. And it’s just a song that, every time I hear it, it just brings tears to my eyes.”
He also reveals the music that inspires his work, particularly the tone of his comic book series Criminal:
“When I was struggling with “Criminal,” when I first began it, trying to find the right tone for it, I actually found that tone in old Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits. That sort of seedy, depressing kind of music. I thought, if I could get that type of tone across, then I would be golden. So, yeah, that is something I think about sometimes — what music do I want people to listen to when they read this type of comic.”
Ed has worked on such notable titles as Batman and Captain America and his critically-acclaimed miniseries “Incognito” was just optioned for a feature film by 20th Century Fox. Considering a conversation we had in KCRW’s Music Library after we taped this session, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were more. It appears Hollywood is knocking on his door!
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