The news broke last week, but we had to laud The Brub for landing this sweet TV deal for a show called Too Old To Die Young which will be directed by Drive’s Nicholas Winding Refn:

In what could, with any luck, end up becoming the Miami Vice of the new millennium, Variety reports that Amazon has hired Drive and Only God Forgives director Nicolas Winding Refn to write, direct, and produce a crime drama series for its streaming service. Refn and Amazon have been in business before; the company distributed his arthouse shocker The Neon Demon last year, so clearly it’s okay with letting Refn do whatever the fuck he wants.

The set-up is familiar territory for both Refn and Brubaker: the criminal underworld of LA where various character undergo existential journeys from killer to samurai. The title is totally Brubaker, while the subject matter recalls Refn’s Danish Pusher trilogy – and it already has a 10-episode order with some big names being wooed to star.

Brubaker is fresh off a stint in the Westworld writer’s room, a successful gig which made his TV goals a lot more possible. His comics, produced with artist Sean Phillips, have of course been exploring the effects of crime and the lives of criminals for many years, from Criminal on to their current Kill or Be Killed with many stops in between for Facade, Incognito, Velvet, The Fade Out, and more. And of course, he also wrote the classic Winter Soldier run on Captain America..



But, as we’ve mentioned before, there’s a shortage of TV, and Brubaker is not thr only comcis scribe who got the call-up. In his newsletter Brubaker, revealing a skill with news round-ups that suggests a satisfying career as an internet reporter should this TV thing prove too stressful, mentioned several other shows in development:

Kelly Sue DeConnick’s pilot at NBC just got greenlit.

At the same time that was getting announced, word got out that one of Warren Ellis’s many projects is a show for Netflix based on Castlevania 


In the same newsletter, Brubaker noted that his lips are still sealed on the Amazon project, but with any luck, in 18 months or so we’ll see Brub on every website explaining what really happened in each episode. He totally has that Vince Gilligan showrunner look down!