The Hero Initiative charity which provides assistance to creators in need of financial aid has announced their Comic-Con schedule and promotions, including an auction to have cocktails with comics luminaries such as Joe Quesada, and a variant edition of the Overstreet Price Guide. Details below:

Hero Initiative, the nonprofit organization that creates a financial safety net for comic creators in need, will be heading to THE biggest event in the entertainment industry, San Diego Comic-Con International, July 21-25 at the San Diego Convention Center. This will be your FIRST chance to get Hero’s VERY limited edition Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide #40, plus you can attend exclusive cocktail parties with Joe Quesada, Dan DiDio, Robert Overstreet, David Lloyd and Tom DeSanto. And don’t forget our great lineup of special guests at the booth!

GET YOUR OVERSTREET! Hero Initiative is proud to announce the release of its exclusive “Conan” Edition of The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide #40. Only 500 Hero-exclusive hardcover copies will go on sale on Wednesday, July 21, 2010 at Comic-Con International, the same day the regular editions of the Guide go on sale nationwide. The book features John Romita, Jr., Klaus Janson, and Dean White’s recreation of the cover for Conan The Barbarian #1, also celebrating its 40th year. Price is $35, and books are available only at the Hero Initiative booth, #5003. Get yours while supplies last!

Who would want to pass up the opportunity to have cocktails with Dan DiDio, Joe Quesada, Robert Overstreet, David Lloyd or Tom DeSanto in an amazing luxury hotel suite across the street from the Con? You can bid on a spot by going to Nothing would make your con experience complete quite like attending one of these special events!

And our amazing line up of special guests at booth #5003 is:

WWED., 21 JUL (Con Hours 530-900);

600-900: Scott Koblish

THUR., 22 JUL (Con hours 900-700):
1230-130: Dan Jurgens
130-230: Josh Dysart
230-330: Kurt Busiek
330-430: Ken Lashley
430-530: Dave Gibbons

FRI., 23 JUL (Con hours 900-700):
1000-1130: Cully Hamner
1130-100: Ron Marz + Michael Broussard
130-230: Denny O’Neil

330-430: Darick Robertson

SAT., 24 JUL (con hours 900-700):
1200-130: Dan Jurgens
130-330: David Lloyd
400-530: Phil Hester

SUN., 25 JUL (con hours 900-500):
1030-1130: Tony Parker
330-430: Darick Robertson


  1. Chee… I wonder if there’s a price guide for the Overstreet Price Guide?

    There’s the limited edition Conan hardcover above, then there’s the hard and softcover Batman cover by Mark Chiarello, and the softcover Captain America cover by Darwyn Cooke.

    Nice to see that Gemstone is still in business.

  2. Torsten: for the past few years Overstreet has included listings of back editions of the price guide and their current values in the Overstreet guide itself.